How Rhino manages a growing distributed team with Gable

Claire Babbage

Having an app that we didn’t have to develop or manage, that people can log into and see who’s going to a space is incredible.

Claire Babbage, Director of People Operations


Rhino is a licensed insurance agency that transacts insurance and gives renters financial alternatives to afford the homes they want.






New York, USA

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Key features used

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Rhino is a security deposit alternative for renters and property managers. They make it easier to rent a home without paying a hefty cash deposit. Their fantastic product led them to hypergrowth: in under two years, their team grew from 40 to 240 people.

The Challenge: Managing A Growing Distributed Team

In 2020, Rhino’s team grew from 40 to 100 people, and in 2021, they onboarded an extra 140 employees.

"Our biggest challenge was facilitating team connection, keeping morale high, and maintaining employee happiness in a distributed team that never sees each other", said Claire. "Timely information sharing and transparency are challenging without face-to-face encounters."

To mitigate the challenges, Rhino organized neighborhood meetups in New York, like Friday happy hours. They also tried reopening the office, but employees didn’t want to go in every day. This was when they decided to try another solution.

Why Gable: The Benefits

Rhino found Gable through the TechStars NYC accelerator program and loved the idea. "Our decision process revolved around how we can get people together and increase morale. Gable offered that, combined with significant cost savings and an incredibly helpful support team. Our decision was easy."

"When I first saw Gable, I thought, How did they get all these beautiful spaces? I was impressed with how customer-oriented their team is. They take care of all our needs, sometimes even before we know we need something."

Getting the team together

Recently, Rhino used Gable to organize a series of team offsites. Employees flew into New York, and each team had a mini-offsite. Some of them met each other face to face for the first time.

"It was great to see people breaking through the Zoom barrier and connecting with each other. They are definitely happier and more productive."

Employees love having the option of a space to go to. It’s not mandatory, and they can go in when they want. "The element of human connection is the main reason our teams love Gable. They’re not heading to Gable spaces to take Zoom calls. They go in to work together, and it reflects on morale and productivity."

Employees with access to flexible workspaces are less likely to experience burnout. Burnt out and disengaged employees cost employers 34% of their annual salary. This means companies that offer flexible work options have better business results overall.

Scalability and flexibility

Rhino’s team is evenly split between New York and the rest of the US. It would be challenging to have office leases in cities with only a handful of employees.

"We love the ability to choose different spaces for various team sizes and gathering setups. We don’t need the same space for an offsite and an 8-people meeting", Claire added.

When employees travel, it’s easy for them to find a space to work from. They use Gable and book within minutes. “We need different levels of flexibility in each city, and that’s what Gable does for us.”

Attracting talent

As the workplace is evolving and employees demand flexibility, companies need to stay competitive to attract talent. "We can't not offer something. Since we’re aiming to bring the best people to our team, we have to offer something like Gable."

40% of employees would consider quitting their job if their employer doesn’t provide at least some flexibility. Gable enables employees to enjoy all the benefits of hybrid work while keeping the magic of face-to-face encounters. This unique approach makes Gable the must-have perk in the new workplace.

How Rhino uses Gable

Rhino employees use Gable’s dashboard to book dedicated company spaces, join bookings, and see who is coming to a space. The people operations team gains invaluable insights into how employees meet and use the spaces together.

Before Gable, tracking where employees work and how much the company pays for it was manual and cumbersome. With Gable, it’s all in one place. Rhino can expand more quickly to other US cities and keep the same levels of visibility. Gable provides them with a solution that scales with their business.

Gable's dashboard enables the people team to make better, more informed decisions. Saving money and boosting employee happiness no longer exclude one another - they go hand in hand.

Streamlining people operations

Gable’s one-stop-shop solution makes Claire’s job easier. "Having an app that we didn’t have to develop or manage, that people can log into and see who’s going to a space is incredible. Gable gets things done for us quickly and easily."

Workspace-as-a-service that grows with your team

Rhino plans to continue using Gable. The decision isn’t just an employee perk. It is proof of Rhino’s dedication to their people’s well-being and happiness.

"We will definitely continue using Gable", adds Claire. "The integrated solution of finding spaces, managing reservations, and seeing company-wide insights, all in multiple locations, is a winning combination we won’t change."

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