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"One of the main reasons we partner with Gable is because we love giving our employees as much independence as possible. With Gable, they can book everything by themselves, without a middleman, and take control of where they work."
Elyse Wolin
Employee Engagement Manager

The Challenge: Establishing genuine relationships in a dispersed team

Future has a workforce that is distributed across the US, from downtown San Francisco to rural Illinois. It’s a diverse group of people who previously would have never worked together, let alone be in meetings together daily.

The biggest challenge for the People team was keeping employees engaged, excited, and connected company-wide. Additionally, teams who work together establish close connections even through Zoom, but these don’t translate to the entire team.

To tackle the challenge, Future tried organizing virtual events but realized they burden people’s already busy schedules, while organizing offsites too often is an administrative challenge for the People team.

“Offsites are great, but with a dispersed team, it takes a lot of admin work, effort, and planning. And people have families, so not everybody can make it. We wanted to ensure we provide employees with fair, equitable experiences everyone can take part in.

Why Gable: The Advantages

Future aims to provide employees with benefits they need, love, and will actually use. On the company side, the People team wants to know if employees are using their remote workspace options, control the spending, and only pay for what employees are actually using.

Meeting employees where they are

Future’s employees mostly want to go into a workspace for the social aspect - to see their teammates in person, connect, and collaborate. They likely won’t come into the space 5 days a week, but they want to know they can connect with their team when they need to.

For the People team at the company, it would be difficult to provide an option like this across the US without burdening their workload, their budget, or both.

One of the main reasons we partner with Gable is because we love giving our employees as much independence as possible. With Gable, they can book everything by themselves, without a middleman, and take control of where they work.”

Improving employee engagement

Most of Future’s team are their Performance Coaches, who talk to their clients on a day-to-day basis. One of the challenges for Elyse was creating engaging experiences for both their Coaches and their tech team, as their personalities and affinities are different, and so are their locations.

With Gable, getting together with teammates is an experience that coaches and the tech team enjoy equally. In fact, the coaches at Future use Gable much more than expected, and they are the most engaged department with over 50 bookings per month. Their feedback has been that Gable makes it easier for them to meet, exchange ideas, and serve clients better.

How Future uses Gable

The team at Future uses Gable’s Slack integration, making it easy to manage bookings and join coworkers. Additionally, they use Team View, a feature that lets employees see where their coworkers are headed every week and join them with a few clicks.

Providing a space for connection

With Gable, Future is able to provide its employees with a space to connect, wherever they live. And the best part is that it comes without burdening either the People team or employees with logistics and organization.

“The biggest challenge Gable solved for us was enabling people to gather in an easy, organized way. Employees can easily see where their teammates are headed and join them, without anyone having to coordinate or guide them.”

With the Team View feature, Future’s employees can quickly see where their teammates are working from and join them within minutes. For Elyse, this ease of connecting in person fosters serendipity, organic connections, and excitement in the team.

Establishing relationships and improving collaboration

A team of Future employees in Denver uses Gable together a few times a week, and their excitement is more than evident.

“We have a Gable champion who is very engaged and committed to culture. He often gets people together and gets them excited. What started off by visiting coworking spaces a few times a week turned into after-hour yoga classes and team happy hours. It would never organically happen if they weren’t together in a Gable space.”

For Elyse, even cross-department collaboration improves when people meet in person and get to know each other. Getting to bounce ideas off a coworker in another team helps employees stay engaged and connected to the whole company, not just their core team.

Measuring and monitoring workplace data

For Elyse, measuring the impact of Future’s workplace strategy is made easy with Gable. In her admin dashboard, she can easily see the number of daily active users, monitor month-over-month increases in bookings, and identify the most engaged department (the performance team, in Future’s case).

Additionally, Elyse uses the data from her Gable dashboard and cross-matches it to the engagement survey scores by location. By doing this, she is able to compare the engagement scores of employees in cities where Gable usage is high and see the direct correlation between using Gable and higher employee engagement.

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