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Workplace Trend Report: Q4 2023

People, Processes, Places

Data reveals how employees think about flexibility, team collaboration, and even the term “office.”

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Modern Workplace Strategy: A Guide to the Best Employee and Employer Outcomes in a Flexible World

Even though recent headlines might make you think every CEO is pushing back to the office full-time, the data doesn’t support it for everyone. In fact, the #1 question we hear from workplace leaders is 'What are other companies really doing?'So here’s the answer. We wanted to share what is really happening and how you can make smarter workplace decisions based on data, impact, and company values.

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24 Metrics For Workplace & People Experts To Track in a Hybrid Workplace

This guide features the essential metrics that define the success of a hybrid workplace – both from a Workplace and People perspective. From office space utilization to headcount and engagement metrics, this guide brings a holistic view of the essential parameters to track and gauge your workplace strategy success.

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2023 Trends: How Companies Use Flexible Workspaces

This report explores the role of flex spaces in workplace strategies of companies with hybrid and remote workforces, and how and where organizations use these spaces to support employees’ requests for flexibility, connection, and belonging.

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How Companies Spend on Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workspaces have never been more popular, between location-agnostic hiring, remote and hybrid work, and employers with teams distributed across the U.S. and the world. But how exactly do companies use flexible spaces, how much do they spend on them, and what does adopting them look like?

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Best U.S. Cities to Build Distributed Teams

An aggregated report that combines Gable’s data and the most relevant and recent sources to show a full picture of the best US cities for building distributed teams.

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Building, scaling, and connecting distributed teams

Lessons from TikTok, Okta, Doist, and Affordances

Coffee with Gable is a thought leadership series hosted by Gable’s CEO, Liza Mash Levin. In these interviews, Liza sits down with experts and thought leaders in the domain of Workplace, People, and the Future of Work and discusses best practices and actionable items that can help other managers and People leaders build a great distributed workplace.

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Hybrid And Remote Work: 60+ Statistics You Need to Know

As the first workplace-as-a-service platform, we’ve seen firsthand how work is changing and what companies (and employees) need to be successful in new, hybrid work environments. The following are a few of the most interesting observations, lessons, and stats we’ve picked up this past year that you are going to want to know as you explore your hybrid work environments and strategies.

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Biggest HR and People Ops Challenges In 2022

At Gable, we talk with HR, Workplace, and People Operations experts every day. We asked all of them to share their challenges and priorities going into 2022, and this report is a summary of what they told us.

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Hybrid Work Policy Template

The critical first step for any company to establish a hybrid workplace is to create a solid hybrid work policy. This document should serve as a company-wide resource, available to every employee to answer questions, clarify terms, and serve as guidance in the hybrid workplace.

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How to provide workspaces for employees in different locations

Implementing a hybrid workplace starts with providing all employees with the same conditions and opportunities. Begin leveling the playing field with this guide into providing workspaces for a distributed workforce. Get to know the challenges, opportunities, and solutions for this vital People Operations workflow.

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Hot Desking Policy Template

With so many companies opting for a hybrid work model, we’re seeing a spike in popularity for hot desking. Whether you decided to introduce hot desking in a flexible workspace or your existing office space, chances are you’ll need a hot desking policy.

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