Product tutorials

How to join your company's Gable account

A simple guide for joining your company's account by signing up for Gable.


Your user profile: The Basics

The basics of your user profile and settings on Gable.


How to use TeamView

An overview of the TeamView collaborative feature on Gable.


Bookings on Gable: The Basics

A simple overview of the basics of booking a Gable space.


How to set up a Company HQ on Gable

A step-by-step guide for company admins to add their company HQ or office space to Gable.


How Admins Can Use The All Users Tile (HRIS integration only)

A step by step look at the All Users tile available to Admins that have set up their HRIS integration.


How to set up Slack Integration

A simple guide for admins to connect their Slack to Gable.


How to set up HRIS Integration

A step-by-step guide for company admins to connect their HRIS provider to Gable.


Using the Reports tab

A guide for admins for their budget and booking reports.


Using the Bookings tab

All the ways you can view, sort, and track bookings made by your team.


Company Settings

A breakdown of all options available to admins under the Settings tab.


Users Page Capabilities

An overview of the user roles and Users page on Gable.


Navigating the Gable Dashboard (no HRIS integration)

A guide to finding your way around the Gable dashboard and an overview of the basic functionalities (no HRIS integration).


Navigating the Gable Dashboard (HRIS integration enabled)

A guide to finding your way around the Gable dashboard and an overview of the basic functionalities (HRIS integration enabled).


For Hosts: Connect Your Google Calendar

Learn how to connect your Google Calendar to automatically block booking requests from meeting spaces with pre-existing reservations and to have your bookings auto-populate onto your calendar.


For Hosts: How to add meeting spaces

Learn how to add meeting spaces directly off of a common space listing.


For Hosts: Block out future dates on your Host calendar

Learn how to block out Holidays or special events on your Host calendar and create the best customer experience.


For All Users: Invite friends and colleagues to join your Gable experience

Learn how to invite your connections to join your workspace for the day. Shayour Gable booking and have them meet you there.


For Hosts: Manage your listings with Gable

Learn how to add, edit and manage listings, set controls and prepare for upcoming booking reservations and provide the best services yet.


For Hosts: Start earning with security from your Gable listings

Learn how to process bookings and collect payments from your listing by setting up an account with Stripe.


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