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When it’s time to get out of your home office, you’re welcome here. As the world’s first workspace-as-a-service platform, we can help you find the perfect location to connect and be inspired. Find your next office from any of our amenity-filled spaces and start working!

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What’s Good for Your Employees is Good for Business

Today’s distributed, digital workforce is thriving and bigger than ever, but remote work can have its pitfalls — distractions at home can impact productivity and working from home can be socially isolating. Gable enables you to offer your remote employees the opportunity to go to a shared neighborhood workspace that gives them what they need to get work done.

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Boost productivity

With nearby neighborhood workspaces, remote professionals can cut their commutes, focus on the tasks at hand, and minimize distractions.

Create a happy,
healthy workforce

Offset the isolation and stress that can come with remote work — advocate for your employees’ wellbeing by offering the social connection they crave.

Cultivate culture,
retain top talent

Attract top talent by providing flexible work arrangements and cultivate a collaborative culture at a neighborhood level

Put your extra workspace to work for you

Property owners can gain an additional revenue stream by transforming their underused assets into neighborhood networking hubs.