The Data And Trends You Need To Create A Flexible Workplace

In this webinar, we're diving deep into workplace data and how leaders can use it to shape the workplaces of today and tomorrow.

RTO 2.0: How Workplace Leaders Iterate to Support Employee Needs

In this webinar, we’re highlighting the iterative processes workplace leaders deploy to ensure their strategies fit the evolving needs of their employees.

Employee Experience: What Works In A Flexible Workplace

In this webinar, we’re highlighting employee experience as a critical component of the evolving workplace.

Workplace Leadership in 2024: Humana, Eventbrite, and PagerDuty

In this webinar, we’re highlighting what workplace leadership is all about as we enter 2024, data, trends, different workplace strategies, and how they work at scale.

Modern Workplace Strategies: Upwork & Harness

In this webinar, we’re highlighting Harness and Upwork and the ways they bring office-based and distributed employees together under one culture and workplace strategy.

Modern Workplace Strategies: GitLab & thredUP

In this webinar, we’re highlighting workplace strategies from hybrid to fully remote teams. Hear from people leaders about why they chose the workplace policies they did, what their ongoing challenges are, and how they’re addressing them.

Designing Modern Workplace Policies

This webinar is for anyone who has had to adjust where and how their employees worked over the last three years. Join workplace leaders from Zapier, Box, and Gable as they exchange ideas.

In-Office, Hybrid, Remote: Creating Workplaces That Work For Everyone

Our panelists chat about People and Places coming together to redefine the modern workplace, providing employees everywhere with great experiences, and navigating the challenges of a unified workplace strategy.

June 2023 Product Roundup Webinar

Designing Equitable Workplace Experiences: Best Practices from Gable

2023 Workplace Trends: Help Your Employees Thrive by Bringing Them Together

We go over the challenges and opportunities of managing a distributed workforce, and ways to boost employee engagement in a hybrid landscape.

How Workplace Leaders Drive Business Success

We explore how Workplace leaders can drive business success with Louise Lamb and Liza Mash Levin.

Building a Fulfilling Workplace and Facilitating Connections

Join us as we explore the topic of building a fulfilling workplace with Simantinee Roy and Liza Mash Levin.

Learning From Airbnb: Driving Workplace Innovation to Embrace Flexibility

Q Hamirani joins Gable's CEO, Liza Mash Levin, to share the ins and outs of Airbnb’s Live & Work Anywhere program, which he envisioned and implemented.

A Year In Review for People Teams: What to Focus On In 2023

What did we learn from the whirlwind of 2022 and where do People teams go from here?

How Workplace Experience Helps Keep Employees Engaged

How workplace experience can help keep your employees engaged, connected, and happy

Transforming and Measuring The Workplace

How to transform your company culture, embrace diversity, and measure the success of your strategy.

What Employees Need In A Distributed Workplace

How employees' workplace needs evolved and what companies can do to design a distributed workplace employees love.

How TikTok Builds and Connects Distributed Teams

Chatting with Kate about how TikTok grew while remote and best practices for building and maintaining company culture in distributed teams.

Establishing a New Workplace For Distributed Teams

An exciting panel discussion about building a new workplace for distributed teams, best practices, and tips for distributed companies.

Designing A People-Centric Workplace

An exciting chat with Eric Kerr, who leads the Workplace Strategy at DoorDash, about the basics of a holistic workplace experience and where to start when planning a hybrid work strategy.

Pillars Of The New Workplace Experience & How To Set Them Up

Building an inclusive distributed workplace, adopting async work, the local approach to a global company, and leveling out the playing field in hybrid teams.

How To Design The Workplace Of The Future

Ryan Anderson shares insights and data from a year of talking to companies and touches on the hybrid work model, the synergy between HR and Workplace, and the talent implications of the new workplace.

Why Investing In Your Team Is Always A Good Idea

Chatting with Michael Martocci about starting and scaling a company, gaining credibility when you’re new and small, and lessons about data-driven leadership.

What Workplace Transformation Means In The Post-Covid World

As an experienced workplace strategist, Nellie Hayat joined us to talk about the challenges of a post-Covid workplace, how to solve them, and the workplace metrics to pay attention to.

Is Remote Work the Future Of Work?

Paul McKinlay spoke to Gable about leading his company's switch to remote work, learning opportunities along the way, and the importance of employee feedback.

Employee Wellbeing for a Post-Covid World

Figma’s approach to workplace experience, the decision-making processes based on data, and why treating employees like customers is the right thing to do.

The Expansion of Remote & Hybrid Work

Jesse shares his insights into team communication and transparency, his views on work models, and tips on how to communicate with coworkers in a hybrid and remote team.

How companies can help employees adapt to “The Future of Living”

Find out why community is more important than culture, the new role of the office, and how companies can level the playing field in hybrid workplaces.

How To Develop A Remote Work Strategy

How did LiveRamp switch from 5% of its employees working remotely to 95%, all while maintaining a top-notch employee experience? Tune into this episode and find out.