Episode 9: Tracy Hawkins, Twitter

Building an inclusive distributed workplace, adopting async work, the local approach to a global company, and leveling out the playing field in hybrid teams.


Episode 8: Ryan Anderson, Herman Miller

Ryan Anderson shares insights and data from a year of talking to companies and touches on the hybrid work model, the synergy between HR and Workplace, and the talent implications of the new workplace.


Episode 7: Michael Martocci, SwagUp

Chatting with Michael Martocci about starting and scaling a company, gaining credibility when you’re new and small, and lessons about data-driven leadership.


Episode 6: Nellie Hayat, VergeSense

As an experienced workplace strategist, Nellie Hayat joined us to talk about the challenges of a post-Covid workplace, how to solve them, and the workplace metrics to pay attention to.


Episode 5: Paul McKinlay, Cimpress & Vistaprint

Paul McKinlay spoke to Gable about leading his company's switch to remote work, learning opportunities along the way, and the importance of employee feedback.


Episode 4: Timadge Berkhadley, Figma

Figma’s approach to workplace experience, the decision-making processes based on data, and why treating employees like customers is the right thing to do.


Episode 3: Jesse Chambers, Wrkfrce

Jesse shares his insights into team communication and transparency, his views on work models, and tips on how to communicate with coworkers in a hybrid and remote team.


Episode 2: Chris Herd, FirstBase

In episode 2, find out why community is more important than culture, the new role of the office, and how companies can level the playing field in hybrid workplaces.


Episode 1: Brandon Sammut, LiveRamp

How did LiveRamp switch from 5% of its employees working remotely to 95%, all while maintaining a top-notch employee experience? Tune into this episode and find out.


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