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From team meetings to offsites, organizing a company event has never been easier. Choose a date, book a space, and invite everyone to join within minutes.


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Organize events in your company HQ or a flex space of your choice and get people together quickly and easily.

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Create a new event

Set a date, time, and event type

Choose a space that works for your team

Invite teammates to join


Track & edit your events

See which teammates have joined

Add new guests

Send notifications for event updates


We were delighted to try out Gable's new event feature for an offsite of 12 team members. The feature made organizing and planning our offsite effortless. Everything ran smoothly, and we were truly blown away by the seamless experience from start to finish.

Angela Higginbotham, Executive Assistant

Angela Higginbotham

Augury is a hybrid company, and our focus is enhancing our team’s sense of belonging. Gable's event feature lets our team plan gatherings without hassles, and it saves us time, money, and resources. Not only does this feature simplify the process - but it also helps ensure our team always has an amazing time together.

Shanee Kraus, Head of Employee Community

Shanee Kraus






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