24 Metrics For Workplace & People Experts To Track in a Hybrid Workplace

This guide features the essential metrics that define the success of a hybrid workplace – both from a Workplace and People perspective. From office space utilization to headcount and engagement metrics, this guide brings a holistic view of the essential parameters to track and gauge your workplace strategy success.

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In a hybrid workplace, the way employees collaborate, meet with each other, and keep performance high is changing – and so are the signs of success in a distributed workforce.We’ve assembled a comprehensive guide to 24 People and Workplace metrics your team should track (as well as why and how to do it!) to help you get a complete picture, track your efforts holistically, and achieve success for both your employees and and the organization.

Table of contents


Utilization rates of offices and workspaces

Degree of in-person connections and collaboration metrics

Employee engagement metrics

HR, headcount, and recruitment metrics

Employee productivity and performance metrics

Quality of onboarding process


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