How Quizlet Is Managing Leased Offices and Flex Spaces With Gable’s All-In-One Platform





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"It's much easier for us to be able to easily relay information about office usage to stakeholders that care to know how much our coworking spaces & HQ spaces are costing us because of Gable's analytics"
Kory Kolves
Sr. Manager of Workplace Experience

Driving community for remote employees and understanding leased office usage

Post-pandemic, Quizlet had a critical mass of employees clustered in the Los Angeles area. They wanted to get together in person regularly, but coordination and lack of visibility into who was coming into a coworking space was challenging.

“We started using a tool similar to Gable but found that it wasn’t meeting our need to build community.”

The Quizlet team also wanted an easy way to monitor and relay the utilization of their leased offices to stakeholders, but they found it difficult to work between different tools for their in-office and remote employee populations. 

Gable has made our remote teams feel more connected to each other and helped us better understand and drive engagement with our leased offices. They’ve been a fantastic choice for us and a great all-in-one tool.” 

What Quizlet Achieves With Gable

Increased employee satisfaction

By the second week of transitioning to Gable, the Quizlet workplace team was receiving positive feedback through Slack and internal training sessions. Employees are also using the in-platform feedback tool, making it easy for Kory and his team to see which spaces they like going into the most. 

“Our employees are really enjoying using Gable, and it’s been a much better experience for them.”  

Ease of connection for employees everywhere

Quizlet employees are tapping into Gable as their go-to community-building tool, regardless of whether they’re using a flex space or a Quizlet office. 

“We appreciate the community building component, which allows you to book a space, whether at a co-working space or a leased office and then invite your coworkers to join you.” 

For Kory and the Workplace team, Gable makes it easy to scale these connections and make them happen wherever employees are. The ease of getting together is the same for their team in Seattle, LA, New York, and San Francisco – and the fact that the process is replicable across locations makes Kory’s work much smoother.

Data and insights at their fingertips 

The Quizlet team loves the integrated data and analytics dashboard that lets them see the coworking space bookings and costs alongside the utilization of their leased offices. It saves them time and effort to be able to look at this data and present it side by side. 

“One of the reasons we switched to Gable is their beautifully designed dashboard and analytics platform. It helps us track our coworking space and our leased office usage in one place. The dashboard is clean, easy to use, and user-friendly.”

A tool that’s easy to onboard

The Workplace team at Quizlet is small, and for Kory, the projects he takes on and the tools he chooses to use need to be easy to use and onboard into the company. 

“Anything that we introduce, we need to onboard quickly, and it needs to be able to run largely independently. We onboarded Gable easily and smoothly, which was really important for us, as we’re looking for tools that scale along with our growth.”

Manage your hybrid workplace with Gable 

Give your teams access to coworking spaces around the world, manage your leased office spaces, check in visitors, organize events, and access real-time data and analytics—all in one easy-to-use platform.

About Quizlet

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