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"We believe virtual-first is the future of work, and we needed a way to provide support and bring employees the flexibility they need. Gable is how we show up for our employees, empower them to create the best work arrangement, and set them up to be successful."
Nikki Chamberlain
HR Program Manager

The Challenge: Achieving a level playing field for everyone

Apartment List is a virtual-first company, and managing a remote team comes with unique challenges. Building trust and collaborating with your teammates while not physically around them can be a challenge, and for some people, working at Apartment List is their first remote work experience.

Nikki knows the importance of getting people together. Still, it needs to be balanced and flexible, allowing employees to reap all the benefits of working in a remote company while fostering connections.

"We wanted to ensure our approach was equitable, as it’s an important part of our virtual-first philosophy. That’s where Gable comes in, to help us create a level playing field and make the most out of our time in person."

Why Gable: The Advantages

For Nikki, Gable is a seamless way to provide every employee with the space they need whenever they need it, without barriers or admin hurdles. "The other solutions we tried didn’t offer much visibility or flexibility. Gable has allowed us to stay on top of managing everything so easily, and it’s much more flexible than any of the alternatives."

A whole new level of flexibility

As is the case with most companies, the Apartment List team has different needs when it comes to workspaces. Some people need a space to change scenery, leave the house, and work outside their home office, while others benefit from in-person connections with their peers.

For Nikki, Gable is the trusted partner that helps her fulfill her team’s needs in any location. From coworking spaces to private offices, Apartment List employees have everything they need at their fingertips.

And as the company grows, getting employees set up on Gable and requesting a location nearby is just a few clicks away. But no matter how many new hires join the company, Nikki’s workplace task list doesn’t grow. Gable takes the heavy lifting off her plate and lets her focus on providing exceptional experiences to employees.

"Our company has always been exceptional about how we support our employees. So for us, it isn’t about saving money. We use Gable to offer our team flexibility, let them choose the best work experience, and support their needs."

How Apartment List uses Gable

Apartment List manages their entire in-person strategy in one place with Gable, as their team uses coworking spaces, conference rooms, and even a dedicated headquarters in the Bay Area.

A holistic overview of the workplace

Flexible workspaces and a long-term dedicated HQ space are no longer separate areas for People teams to manage. In the evolving workplace, companies need to be able to customize their workspace offerings and oversee them in one place.

Nikki manages both a dedicated space for the Bay Area team and flexible workspaces across the country, with the same insights, visibility, and management for all workspace types.

Showing up for employees

For Nikki, Gable is a tangible support system that helps the company translate its dedication to empowering employees from words to actions.

“Gable is how we show up for our employees, empower them to create the best work arrangement, and set them up to be successful.”

With Gable, Nikki is giving her team a tool that helps them solve the challenge of remote work; but they’re free and encouraged to use that tool in a way that works for them and their needs.

Going granular with settings and insights

The Gable dashboard Nikki uses to manage the workplace has robust built-in functionality that lets her go granular on usage limitations, budget settings, and data on workspace use, spending, and employee satisfaction.

This ease of management helps Nikki control and adjust the budgets, increase usage limits when she sees employees going into workspaces more, and track the overall growth of in-person meetups in her team.

“The number of bookings and get-togethers has increased and keeps growing. And the team is loving it. It’s a big deal for them to get into the same space again and collaborate, and it makes them feel they are set up for success.

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