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"With Gable, I steer the ship of the workplace experience. It feels like I am the mothership since I control the budget, usage, and limits. But I can also give my employees their own smaller ships – so they have the freedom to book spaces, invite coworkers, and create an environment they need."
Tiffany Millar
Director of Workplace Experience

The Challenge: Facilitating remote work and fostering transparency

During the pandemic, Augury went from an office-based company to a remote one, expanding its employee base from New York to several other states and cities. They stopped paying for an office lease, but there was nowhere to go when their teams wanted to get together.

To tackle this challenge, they tried giving their employees coworking memberships. However, there was no transparency in knowing if other coworkers were going to be there or not. Additionally, employees didn’t always use the memberships.

”Coworking memberships are not scalable. You can't see if people are actually going into the spaces. So they can get a $300 membership and don’t show up all month. For me, that's a wasted resource and one I don’t have visibility into.”

Why Gable: The Advantages

Augury’s Workplace Experience team recognized that putting experiences first is critical in the distributed workplace. They had four different teams meeting in New York, and neither of them knew about the other until they met accidentally.

“That was a missed opportunity for a social experience. Gable came along like a knight in shining armor and solved these problems one by one. Now our teams can meet easily, see who else is there, and build on that in-person experience.

A tool that lets you steer the ship

For Tiffany, Gable is a tool that enables her to both be on top of the workplace experience and strategy and empower employees to make the best of in-person connections.

“With Gable, I steer the ship of the workplace experience. It feels like I am the mothership since I control the budget, usage, and limits. But I can also give my employees their own smaller ships – so they have the freedom to book spaces, invite friends, and create an environment they need.”

Gable makes it easy for employees to find, book, and use workspaces across locations. The built-in transparency lets them see who’s going where, join their coworkers, and nurture in-person connections.

A platform employees love

Tiffany saw firsthand how benefits that aren’t tailored to employees' needs end up unused. Giving employees transparency, flexibility, and opportunities for serendipity changes how they interact with the workplace.

“There’s one employee who had a coworking membership and never used it. The idea of getting out of his apartment was great, but the space didn't work for him. He was the first person I tried Gable with, and he still uses it the most. Before, we were spending the money on something he wasn't using. With Gable, we spend the same amount, and I can't get employees out of the spaces – I can't get them out of using it.”

A simple, fast, and company-tailored rollout

For Augury, it was critical to act fast in rolling out the distributed workplace, but without sacrificing the needs of their employees. With Gable, they could tick all the boxes: the execution was quick, and employees have everything they need.

“The turnaround time from deciding on piloting Gable to starting it was beyond any lease signing that I've ever seen. It would have taken us at least 3 to 4 months to get into a space that still might not have answered all of our needs. With Gable, we were using it within a few weeks.”

How Augury uses Gable

Augury employees use Gable to book spaces, meet with coworkers, and request locations near them. The Workplace Experience team tracks and monitors the workplace using the Gable dashboard. They are always on top of budgets, usage, trends, and employee feedback.

The control center for Workplace professionals

For Workplace Experience professionals like Tiffany, it’s essential to have a centralized place that gives the complete picture of how employees use spaces, budget spending, employee feedback, and more. “I love the mothership. That's my name for it. I love it because I can see what employees are booking. If there's a new spot that someone's going to, I can get direct feedback. But the best thing is understanding how we're spending the budget. It’s fantastic to see the usage - it always makes me say, “Wow, we really use Gable a lot!”

Adding locations for new hires quickly

Gable lets Augury find new locations quickly, which is a feature their new hires appreciate the most. As a result, Tiffany can support her new team members blazingly fast and with zero hurdles.

The Augury team recently hired several new people in Texas, and Tiffany was able to provide workspaces within a few days, thanks to Gable. And what’s even better, there was no red tape, no thresholds, no obstacles – it’s all a few clicks away.

A holistic set of integrations

For Tiffany, the integrations on Gable are a game-changer. She integrated her HRIS tool with Gable in a few clicks and automatically pulled her employee and department lists to the Gable dashboard.

This makes budget setting a process that takes only a few minutes, eliminates manual work, and streamlines her workflow. She can now focus on providing a top-notch experience to Augury employees instead of being buried in admin work.

Apart from HRIS, Gable offers SSO and Slack integrations, creating a holistic workplace experience that transcends the physical spaces and software.

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