How Modern Treasury Creates Equitable Employee Experiences While Staying Cost-Effective

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"Every other program I’ve seen requires a lot of maintenance and check in. Using a hands-off platform like Gable is a bit of a unicorn."
Katie Strain
Head of Workplace

The Challenge: Providing a top-notch employee experience while staying cost-effective

Modern Treasury recognizes the importance of giving distributed team members the opportunity to get to know each other because interpersonal relationships facilitate teamwork.

In the post-pandemic world, people have become detached from office locations and they don’t connect to each other as easily as before, when everyone could at least have a chat in the kitchen. A previous relationship, even if it’s a transactional one, helps employees solve problems better together.

“We wanted to give people access to each other without the burden of unnecessary real estate costs. Supporting multiple small offices doesn’t make sense for us right now but we do believe in the power of in-person work and strong employee relationships. We wanted to build off of our strong company culture and energize remote employees — it makes sense to take advantage of people organically living near each other.”

Katie also wanted to enable remote team members to have the same experience as their in-office peers who got to work with the leadership more regularly.

“I think what makes a difference in someone's career and engagement with a company is having their founder fly out to their location and join them for a work session. That's a totally different experience that speaks highly of our Executive Team and their support of this program.”

Why Gable: The Advantages

Katie says her team tried other workspace management tools that were functional but required too much admin work. The subpar employee experience and lack of visibility into important data also inspired Modern Treasury to look further.

“The overall experience was poor. I didn’t have insight into real-time spend or the actual use by employees, and employees couldn’t access a tool for selecting dates and locations.”

Gable allowed Katie and the team to achieve their ultimate goal: helping people get to know each other in a way that doesn’t distract them from doing their job, and also keeps Modern Treasury on budget.

Previous tools the company tried provided a range of workspaces employees could select from, but lacked real-time data insights. “Once a month, you’d have to manually export a list of who had used a workspace and when. There was no real-time data at all, nor control over cost.” With Gable, Modern Treasury knows exactly what is happening at any given moment.

Gable’s wide range of integrations was another factor that made Katie’s team choose our platform. Slack and Okta integrations made connections across the company easy and secure, improving the overall employee experience.

“We live in Slack. Gable makes it easy to coordinate in the place we already work.”

For Katie, a fast rollout was the cherry on top—the adoption was seamless and quick, which was a huge plus for her as a relatively new member of the company. Gable was the first tool Katie introduced and people loved it, as it allowed a more equitable experience for remote team members.

“Creating an equitable experience for remote and in-office teammates is hard. The two types of work experiences are very different formats but Gable allows us to bridge that gap in a way that feels organic and has had strong adoption.”

How Modern Treasury uses Gable

Modern Treasury has found many ways to implement Gable in their daily workflows. End-users have quickly adopted the platform with minimal training or oversight.

Facilitating employee coordination

Gable enables employees to coordinate on their own and communicate efficiently about meeting up. Thanks to the ease of use and the Slack integration, employees need little to no intervention from the workplace team to get together, exchange tips, and fully leverage the efficiency that Gable provides.

“There's less heavy communication. When someone books a seat, Gable automatically tells everyone what's been booked, and for what date and time. This lowers the threshold for admin work the team has to do to coordinate.”

Providing the “in-office” feel for remote team members

Gable has become a part of Modern Treasury’s workflows without disrupting them. The Slack channel where employees coordinate helps remote team members feel like they belong.

“You'll see chatter in the mornings when they're meeting: ‘Hey, I'm gonna be there around like 10’, ‘Anyone want me to pick up coffee?’ There's this whole office environment—very similar chatter to what I see in our New York channel. In a lot of ways, it feels like an office, and it’s starting to feel very natural.”

Monitoring usage and costs

Being able to monitor which teams are using Gable spaces and how often allows Katie and her team to ensure each space is used optimally. They can track bookings, usage, and costs in real time, preventing potential problems.

“I can quickly see how people are using the space and confirm that our guidelines are still supporting the team in an efficient way. Having visibility into the types of spaces people book, the hours and days they’re used, means the Workplace Team doesn’t have to police employees—we can create and modify guidelines so they meet employees where they are.”

Welcoming and onboarding new team members

Gable also plays a significant role in welcoming new hires to Modern Treasury. When a new employee joins from a city where other employees live, they’re added to the appropriate Slack channel based on their location. They can then introduce themselves and get invited the next time their local team meets up in a flexible workspace.

“There’s immediately a thread of welcome, with people suggesting a welcome lunch, and they self-organize. Gable quickly became an ingrained part of culture; it’s great to have it feel welcoming and not forced. We’re excited to see how natural and engrained this program is for our employees who don’t live near one of our major offices. It provides engagement and a sense of community for remote team members.”

About Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is the operating system for money movement. Their payment operations platform combines a suite of APIs and dashboards that enable faster payments, efficient workflows, full data visibility, and seamless bank integrations.

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