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"The difference with Gable is night and day. We established relationships, trust, and credibility immediately, which is irreplaceable. Customization and flexibility are essential for us, and the team at Gable is setting us up for success at every step."
Gabby Lorestani
Head of People

The Challenge: Nurturing in-person connections across a distributed workforce

Wheel has a growing, distributed workforce with team members located all across the country. In just over a year, they have grown from 50 to over 200 employees. When a company grows to that size, building trusting relationships isn’t as easy, even when the team is co-located.

As Wheel’s headcount grew, the People team started to think about strategies to help employees connect and engage. Their first thought was to organize hybrid events and virtual celebrations. These were well received by their team, but they are a moment in time, not a long-term strategy.

To tackle the challenge more sustainably, Wheel tested out coworking memberships. The learnings from this experiment showed the coworking model wasn’t fulfilling the needs of their employees or their leadership team.

"The difference with Gable is night and day. We established relationships, trust, and credibility immediately, which is irreplaceable. Customization and flexibility are important for us, and the team at Gable is setting us up for success at every step."

Why Gable: The Advantages

Wheel’s employees want to see each other, collaborate, and create relationships. With Gable, they can find exactly what works for them, wherever they are, while the leadership at Wheel can support them without worrying about managing logistics.

Fulfilling employees’ needs

Wheel’s new hires are always excited to learn Gable is included in Wheel’s benefits – so much so that the adoption rate is at 20% after just three months.

"Gable has a unique and compelling proposition for us. We’re working with a partner that fits our needs. And everything we’re paying for goes 100% towards meeting employee needs, an ROI we place an incredible value on."

Wheel’s employees want workspaces where they feel productive, safe, and creative. With Gable, Wheel is able to provide them with options that empower them to do their best work.

Supporting company needs

The customization and configurability Gable provides are essential for Wheel, as the company’s needs evolve over time.

“One of the factors that made us decide to use Gable is the level of support we get. Gable’s team really feels like an extension of our own team, and with most other companies, you never experience that. It’s a rarity to see a company going to these lengths to support our team’s needs.”

People leaders like Gabby need to focus on engaging teams and designing workplace experiences. As the company grows, they need a partner to take the guesswork out, streamline logistics, and make a distributed workplace a source of opportunity, not stress.

How Wheel uses Gable

Wheel teams use Gable to book spaces to meet and collaborate, see where their coworkers are working from, and request locations close to them. The People team uses Gable to develop a holistic workplace strategy, manage usage and budgets, and analyze employee data and feedback.

Designing an integrated workplace strategy

Wheel has a hub in Austin, but they don’t expect all their employees to be based in Austin.

“We announced the opening of our Austin hub and our launch of Gable on the same day. It was so exciting to kick off a workplace strategy that is consistent, equitable, and flexible. It’s a clear path from striving for a distributed environment and actually implementing it in a way that works.”

Fostering connection with in-person experiences

With Team View, Wheel’s employees can log in to Gable, see where their coworkers are working from, and join them with a few clicks. For Gabby, this kind of visibility creates excitement around meeting teammates in person – something she experienced herself.

“I traveled to San Francisco and was able to meet with my team in a Gable space. It sounds mundane, but it was incredible to get a peek into their lives, the space they work from, and all the local perks it includes. Experiencing a day in their lives was a special experience.”

Whether they’re in the same city or traveling, Wheel employees can easily meet in person and tap into the serendipity and connection from these encounters

Tracking data and feedback

For the People team, it’s critical to see KPIs at a glance, analyze data, and use it to make decisions. With the Gable dashboard, Gabby can see Wheel has a lot of super-users (Wheelies who consistently book a space through Gable each week), monitor unique visitors, total and average monthly costs, and most importantly, feedback.

“We value employee feedback tremendously, and it helps us double down on experiences that work. We’re very keen on understanding our super-users and knowing what it is about the experience that makes them head to a Gable space three times a week. Then we take that input, analyze it, and brainstorm how to create similar experiences for the rest of our teams.”

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