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"The thing that stands out the most about Gable, the number one thing, is their team. The responsiveness to product feedback and customer service is a true differentiator."
Jessa Graves
Sr. Manager, Employee Experience

The Challenge: Making connections consistent

WorkStep has been a fully remote company since 2019, and its employees are all across the country, with four main hubs in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and Boston.

For Jessa and her team, the main challenge in managing a remote workforce is making it easy for employees to establish connections and build relationships while streamlining the process for the People team.

In 2022, WorkStep realized that adopting a connection-building approach to the workplace can help them provide a great employee experience in a consistent way. Jessa started looking for solutions that would let her run two programs simultaneously: dedicated spaces for teams located in major hubs and coworking space access for everybody across the U.S.

“One of the reasons why we decided to use Gable is because your team is incredible. The thing that stands out the most about Gable, the number one thing, is their team. The responsiveness to product feedback and customer service is a true differentiator.

Why Gable: The Advantages

For Jessa, Gable is a reliable partner that helps her accommodate the needs of her team, whether they need a dedicated space or a coworking area to meet and connect.

“As I was evaluating other solutions, I found them to be incomplete. We would have no visibility into how our team uses these spaces, and not every company was responsive to our requests. We found Gable through a recommendation, and it had everything we were looking for: Visibility, a centralized platform for bookings, and an incredibly responsive team.

Facilitating get-togethers

For the WorkStep team, getting together in person is easy. They just hop onto Gable, book a space nearby, and invite teammates to join. This ease of getting together, with no subscriptions or admin work needed from Jessa, is a motivating force for the team.

As everyone gets more accustomed to working remotely, it’s easy to understand why some employees don’t have the need to leave their setup at home. But for others, the ability to change scenery and see their team face-to-face whenever they need creates excitement around using this benefit.

Onboarding new locations quickly

One of the essential reasons WorkStep uses Gable is the ability to provide workspaces in locations across the country quickly, which is particularly important when they onboard new employees.

For Jessa and the People team, the smooth process of getting new locations available for new employees makes their job easier. It enables them to provide the same experience to employees everywhere and, with the help of the Gable team, do it quickly.

A seamless experience and ease of use

Gable’s platform has a great design and a smooth UI that makes it intuitive for WorkStep employees to use, even without formal training.

“Even before we started using Gable, during evaluation, I liked Gable’s intuitiveness. It just looked slick, especially compared to other platforms, which are clunky. For us as a tech company, ease of use matters, and with Gable, we continue to experience it every day.

How WorkStep uses Gable

The WorkStep team uses Gable’s HQ feature, enabling them to manage their dedicated office through Gable, in addition to providing employees with coworking options. Additionally, Jessa and the admin team use the Gable dashboard to track the workspace usage and budget and make informed decisions about their workplace strategy.

HQ feature: Managing a dedicated space

The WorkStep team uses Gable’s HQ feature to manage bookings in their dedicated office space in Boston. It helps them unify their workplace strategy in one platform, as it’s a seamless way to manage how employees use both the dedicated office and flexible coworking options across the country.

“We love using the HQ feature because the team in the Greater Boston area only sees this office space instead of any other workspaces in the area. So if you are in Boston or traveling to Boston, this office is the only thing you see there when you search for it. That’s very helpful, as it lets us maximize the use of our dedicated space and get everyone together in the same space.”

Establishing relationships and improving collaboration

Apart from the team in Boston, who use their dedicated space regularly, WorkStep employees in other locations use Gable to organize get-togethers. For Jessa, their excitement is obvious, and it translates to how they connect with each other.

“What I see as a result is that people get together to work and then also organize other fun activities afterward. Without that opportunity to co-work, that wouldn’t happen. Gable gives this tangible landing space for our teams to get together and for us to facilitate that.

Jessa also sees an increased level of activity in the Slack channels of teams who get together in person more often and an uptick in coordination and communication around getting together in person.

Making informed, data-backed decisions

For Jessa, the Gable dashboard provides significant insights into how much employees use their dedicated space and coworking spaces. She regularly checks in on the usage insights and uses the data from Gable in leadership presentations and decision-making sessions.

With Gable, Jessa saves time on admin work and managing bookings manually, so she can focus on employee feedback, workplace strategy, and relationship-building.

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WorkStep is the leading employee engagement software solution designed to help HR and Operations reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and boost engagement for their hourly workforce. Their full-cycle solution allows leaders to gather feedback, take action, and improve long-term retention goals.

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