How Postclick Runs a Data-Driven Workplace With Gable

Imran Syed

For us, Gable is how we lead as a truly data-driven company. We’re looking into how employees are using spaces and making decisions about the future of work based on that data.

Imran Syed, CEO


Postclick is leading the charge to revolutionize digital advertising. They’re on a mission to automate advertising conversion by delivering relevant post-click experiences at any scale.



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Postclick is the world's leading solution for digital advertising conversions. They blend personalization, optimization, machine learning, and human insight to guarantee marketers higher conversions. Postclick is a remote-first company, with employees distributed across 22 cities (and counting!).

The Challenge: Transforming an office-based culture to a distributed one

Before the pandemic, Postclick was an office-based company, hiring only in San Francisco. During 2020 and 2021, they gradually evolved into a distributed company that employs everywhere.

This shift led the company to realize the main challenge they need to tackle is rethinking how human connectivity works. Through engagement surveys, Postclick was able to assess that employees were longing to work more collaborative, in person, but not within the construct of the 9-5 setting.

To resolve this problem, Postclick tried using WeWork, which presented a whole new set of challenges. Despite wanting to come together, employees rarely used the spaces, and the company had no visibility into the usage. Additionally, they couldn’t manage the spending centrally, making it administratively difficult to manage.

“We communicated to employees that they were empowered to make the decision to leverage the coworking space. But seemingly, not everyone felt empowered to do that. I could never see who’s actually using it and going in.”

Why Gable: The Advantages

Postclick’s leadership recognized the concept of work-life balance has changed. Employees still want to see each other and connect, but without the notion of having to spend a fixed amount of time in the office.

Additionally, some employees were more experienced with remote work and setting boundaries than others, so the company needed a solution that would let them navigate and steer the employee experience while still providing the flexibility employees want.

Connections that translate to engagement

Postclick’s sales team are heavy Gable users who grab every chance to work together. Even when they don’t have meetings, they go to work in the same space to feel more connected – and it translates to high engagement:

“In our engagement surveys, the sales team consistently has high scores of team connectivity. I draw a direct correlation to Gable since it empowers the team to meet often and leverage that time to work better together.”

Gable makes it easy for employees to get out of their homes, change scenery, meet their team, and design a hybrid work schedule that works best for their personal and professional lives.

Changing how employees see the workplace

Apart from their engagement surveys which show an uptick in connection with coworkers, Postclick gathers regular feedback about using Gable.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten negative feedback on using Gable. Employees find it convenient and talk about strong, good experiences and interactions with coworkers. They find the change of scenery and flexibility powerful and good for their creativity.”

In addition to the excellent feedback, employees feel empowered to champion and encourage others to meet more often.

“We have an employee championing Gable by letting people know he’s going into a space on a certain day and inviting others to join. Creating these patterns of behavior and encouragement empowers other employees to do the same and meet intentionally.

Demonstrating a people-first approach

Postclick sees its employees as “internal customers.” Therefore, they always strive to design the best possible experience for employees, just as they do with their clients.

What Gable does for us is show our employees that we’re innovative and think about hybrid work differently. We are a truly people-first organization that wants to meet the team where they are and have meaningful conversations. Gable is our way to jump in, show flexibility, and make it work.”

How Postclick uses Gable

Postclick employees use Gable to book spaces, meet with coworkers, and request locations near them. The Operations and People teams use the Gable dashboard to manage and monitor the workplace, gather and analyze data, and streamline their workflows.

A Data-Driven Workplace

For Operations professionals like Imran, it’s essential to have a centralized platform that gives him the whole picture of how employees use spaces, spend budgets, and give feedback. “For us, Gable is how we lead as a truly data-driven company. We’re actually looking into how employees are using spaces and making decisions about the future of work based on that data. Using Gable, we can sustain the levels of performance, output, and creativity by analyzing what works for our team.”

Tailoring unique candidate experiences

One unconventional way the Postclick team uses Gable is to tailor great experiences for candidates they are interviewing. The final stage of their interviewing process for leadership hires is to fly the candidate into San Francisco to meet in person.

“Believe it or not, those Gable spaces are helping elevate the whole candidate experience to new levels. I haven’t had a candidate who didn’t say it was a seamless experience to meet the team and connect to the company culture instantly.”

Keeping up with the trends

For Postclick leadership, it’s essential to track the right workplace metrics and stay in the loop with trends in the workplace. They analyze the details of every weekly report they get from Gable, and then they use the dashboard for more detailed insights.

They track how many people use workspaces and look into usage by location, job title, and seniority. Additionally, they compare how usage differs between employees who live in cities where there are other team members living there and those who live in cities where they don’t have coworkers close by.

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