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How Nava Benefits Uses Gable to Foster Connections In A Distributed Team

Ilana Mauskopf

It's essential to keep a pulse check as a People Ops manager on what's going on at the company. Instead of people having to update me, I can see who's connecting and how often employees are using Gable.

Ilana Mauskopf, Senior People Operations Manager


Nava Benefits is a modern benefits brokerage on a mission to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans.







Key features used

Key features used

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Budget and usage tracking


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Nava Benefits is a modern employee benefits brokerage leveraging technology and benefits innovation to tackle the rising costs of healthcare. Nava is a remote-first company, with employees distributed across 15 states (and counting!).

The Challenge: Fostering in-person connection

Being a remote-first company with employees across 15 states, Nava doesn’t have a physical office. With a growing team, they have to be intentional about enabling in-person connections.

“We've gone back and forth with the idea of giving each person a stipend to book office spaces on their own. But the challenge was we didn't really know the employees’ needs. We didn't want to come up with a policy before we understood what works and doesn't work for our employees.

To tackle this challenge, Nava considered offering office space in areas like New York City. However, a solution like this would only work for people in New York; employees in other locations would experience a different work environment.

Why Gable: The Advantages

Nava’s People team recognized that having office spaces in 15 states would be logistically challenging and expensive. They wanted a solution that gives flexibility to both the company and employees, scales with their team, and is easy to use on both sides.

“Gable allows us to meet each employee where they're at and fulfill their specific needs. For some people, that might mean working in a coworking space once in a while. For others, it means meeting with coworkers as often as possible. With Gable, we provide what each employee needs.”

A workplace essential employees are asking for

Nava’s employees recently started asking their People team for in-person workspaces. As a company whose culture is experimental, Nava wanted to pilot the benefit before committing – and Gable was the perfect solution for them.

“Employees who didn't have a location near them would reach out to me because they want to use Gable. There is definitely a need employees have – and Gable helped us fulfill it.”

Gable makes it seamless for employees to find, book, and use workspaces across locations. The lack of friction empowers employees to book workspaces more often, as the process is seamless and lasts only a few clicks.

The flexibility that works for employees and the company

Ilana understands that every employee has different needs for in-person work. Some employees want to meet in person more often than others, and facilitating that is what Gable does for Ilana. She can help employees be more engaged, embrace flexibility, and do their best work.

“We definitely see a difference in employee engagement since we started with Gable. We do have offsites twice a year, but with Gable, we can accommodate employees who want to meet more often and build connections with their peers outside of what we planned on a company level.”

A tool that enables relationship-building and engagement

Nava’s team can see how using Gable translates into better relationships inside the company and better results in team performance, engagement, and morale.

“A situation that recently happened is we have two employees that work on the same team but haven't worked in person yet. One of them was in the area of another employee, and they met up at a Gable location. That in-person connection took their relationship to the next level and allowed them to service our clients better.

How Nava uses Gable

Nava employees use Gable to book spaces, join bookings with coworkers, and request locations near them. The People Operations team has valuable insights from the Gable dashboard at their disposal. They can track how employees meet and use spaces together, analyze the data and usage, and adjust their strategy, so it always matches what works best for employees.

A self-service tool for People Operations

For busy People Operations professionals like Ilana, it’s essential to have a self-service tool that enables them to track and manage their workplace without adding to their workflow. “It's essential to keep a pulse check as a People Ops manager on what's going on at the company. Instead of people having to update me, I can log in and see who's connecting and how often employees are using Gable.”

Scale your locations quickly

Gable enables Nava to find new locations quickly, proving particularly beneficial for their new hires. This feature allows Ilana to support new employees with the same benefits as everyone else from day one.

Control over usage and budget

For Ilana, the budget and usage overview on the Gable dashboard allows her to feel comfortable giving employees the freedom and flexibility they need. She is always in the loop, focusing on supporting employees and ensuring they have the best possible experience.

Foster connections in your remote team with Gable

Accommodate your employees’ needs and provide them with the flexibility they need without burdening your workload. Provide workspaces across locations, set budgets and policies, and track usage and trends to stay in the loop with your distributed workforce.

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