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How Mon Ami is creating an intentional remote culture with Gable

Joy Zhang

The process of using Gable was so easy. We were able to find 2-3 spaces, check them out in-person, and find the one we really liked.

Joy Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO


Mon Ami is a technology-for-good software company, providing solutions for senior service providers. They make it easy to scale community support for seniors and other vulnerable populations. In two years, their team expanded from its US homebase to worldwide.



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Mon Ami is a technology-for-good company, building software solutions for seniors service providers across the country. They scale community support by working with governments, nonprofits and senior service organizations to connect vulnerable populations with essential services. Joy Zhang is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mon Ami. As the CEO of a startup, her role is to build a product that users love, and invest in transformative mechanisms that will maximize the company’s growth.

The Challenge: Managing A Growing Distributed Team

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Mon Ami went fully remote in the Bay Area, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Europe.

“Some people wanted to go back into the office to collaborate in person, and some wanted flexible options as they found remote work beneficial”, said Joy.

To find the golden mean, Mon Ami moved away from a traditional office space, which required a significant shift from the conventional ways of working, thinking and leading. Now, creating an intentional workplace culture that ensures growth, while promoting a work-life balance was top on the priority list.

As Mon Ami grew, it was important to find a flexible solution that would embrace the company’s growth, support team expansion, and ensure the company’s commitment to frontliner social service providers.

Why Gable: The Benefits

Mon Ami found Gable through the Stanford Graduate School of Business Alumni network. With a customizable enterprise plan, Gable met all the needs and demands the company had set — flexible workspaces with top-tier amenities in the heart of Downtown San Francisco.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution for Locally-Unique Locations

Prior to Gable, Mon Ami operated from an office space provided by an accelerator program. The company didn’t have enough resources to find a replacement. Some employees even tried looking for alternative office spaces but found a dead end.

Through Gable, Mon Ami saved countless hours searching and found a beautiful and conveniently located space to support their Bay Area team. “The process of using Gable was pretty easy,” said Joy. “We were able to personally check out 2-3 places, and found the one we really liked in downtown San Francisco - which is where we are now”.

Scalability and Flexibility

Mon Ami’s team is split between the US and Europe. Leasing offices in various cities for a small number of employees would pose both financial and logistical challenges.

To accommodate various team sizes while saving sizable real estate costs, Mon Ami enjoys the options Gable provides. “We really love the space, and how team members can come in 2-3 days a week, be flexible with that schedule, see other team members and have in-person collaborations in an office setting,” Joy added.

As Mon Ami is actively growing their team, the ability to allow employees to choose their working environment and meet different levels of need has positively reflected in employee’s satisfaction.

Team Bonding

After only 4 days in their Gable space, the Mon Ami team started noticing a change in team bonding and atmosphere.

“We’ve been able to spend more time getting to know each other outside of the work setting”, Joy expressed. “This has been really fun for our team because getting to go to lunch together is something we couldn’t ever do before.”

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