How Gable helps Kasa attract and retain the best talent

Ben Levick

​​I see enthusiasm for Gable in our employees, and I think it’s a great hiring tool. It’s an amazing benefit to offer and something that differentiates our benefits package. The appreciation of our benefits has gone up with Gable as part of our offering.

Ben Levick, VP, Operations


Kasa is a real estate technology company building a global accommodations brand by transforming residential and hospitality real estate into professionally managed units that cater to travelers seeking trustworthy and comfortable accommodations.






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Key features used

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Kasa is a flexible accommodation brand and operator seeking to create a new method of hospitality that allows a combination of comfort, flexibility and convenience. Their team has been remote since the company was founded in 2016, and they are distributed across 40 US states.

The Challenge: Improving employee experience and reinforcing company culture

Kasa’s team was remote pre-pandemic, but the experience of working from home all the time was new for their employees.

“The first challenge is to solve the inherent loneliness that comes from being isolated from your coworkers and a workplace that isn’t your kitchen table,” said Ben. “We offer a comprehensive tech set up for every employee, but it doesn’t replicate a real collaborative environment.”

To tackle the challenges, Kasa opened offices in San Francisco and New York and started scheduling time for employees to bond and socialize - both virtually and in person. However, with the distribution of their team across states, they wanted a solution that provides an excellent experience to employees everywhere. That’s where Gable comes in.

Why Gable: The Advantages

Ben recognized a kindred spirit company in Gable and a multi-faceted solution to Kasa’s challenges. “Gable felt like a truly elegant solution for us. There is no way I could have convinced someone on my team to individually go city by city and find a coworking solution in every one of them.”

“It’s a strategy that works for everyone. It gives Kasa the ability to get into a lot of different markets, but also there are many companies like Kasa that can take advantage of the same space. It is a win-win in creating efficiency on all sides of the model.”

A scalable strategy for offsites and meetings

In 2021, Kasa’s team traveled more for work, and it was challenging to develop a scalable, effective strategy for setting up offsites and meetings.

“We tried getting a two-bedroom apartment and organizing the offsite there, but it's tough without whiteboards, conference tables, and other things that make a productive environment.”

The serendipity and good energy employees experience on these trips has made Kasa increase their travel budget substantially. “What you're saving on having a huge office space in a big city, you can put that back into your people.”

Gable makes the logistics of organizing an offsite or meeting seamless for both management and employees. Finding a meetup location is as easy as choosing the place that fosters their creativity the most.

A cultural win and a morale booster

Considering that Kasa is a fully remote team, they don’t see Gable as a money-saving tool but a cultural win and morale booster for their workforce. Exuding company culture and increasing enthusiasm in a remote company needs to be intentional, and this is where Gable helps Kasa shine.

“The main benefit of Gable is increasing engagement and preventing burnout, which has a quantitative impact. It’s inconvenient and culturally challenging when employees leave because they’re burned out or otherwise unable to do their job well. That’s what Gable helps prevent for us and what we value the most.”

A benefit for attracting and retaining talent

For Ben, it’s exciting to employ people remotely and enable them to work in a company as unique as Kasa without sacrificing where they live and their family life.

“​​I see enthusiasm for Gable in our employees, and I think it's a great hiring tool. It's an amazing benefit to offer and something that differentiates our benefits package. The appreciation of our benefits has gone up with Gable as part of our offering.”

How Kasa uses Gable

Kasa employees use Gable to book spaces, join bookings with coworkers and see who’s coming to a space. The operations team gains valuable insights from the Gable dashboard into how employees meet and use spaces together, enabling them to adapt their workplace strategy continually.

Real-time ability to follow usage trends

Gable enables Ben to monitor workspace usage across locations in real-time. “It gives me a real-time ability to monitor and change my messaging based on whether I'm seeing high, low, or medium usage. As a bonus, Gable allows me to see which cities have gotten together the most or the least, which is very helpful when managing a distributed workforce.”

Scaling Made Easy

Scaling workspace offerings along with their headcount can be challenging for a growing company like Kasa. With Gable, this process is smooth and blazing fast. Employees request workspaces in their neighborhood and the team at Gable delivers within a few days.

Control over your budget

For Ben, Gable provides the comfort of not being surprised from a budget perspective. “I feel in control of the financial piece of the workplace, and it’s all effortless for me to manage. The unified billing makes tracking and understanding expenses seamless and incredibly easy.”

Real-time employee feedback

Kasa leadership can see which employees use Gable spaces the most and their feedback - and it translates to how employees speak about Gable. “We have polls where employees request Gable in their specific locations - people talk about it,” adds Ben. “They love being able to head out into the world, work in curated spaces that foster creativity, and feel connected to their coworkers.”

Increase employee retention with Gable

Design a workplace experience your employees will be excited about with Gable’s workspace offering and cutting-edge dashboard. Provide workspaces everywhere, manage their usage, and get real-time feedback about the satisfaction and happiness of your team.

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