Workplace Trend Report 2023: People, Processes, and Places

What you’ll find in the guide:

  • Key Insights from our Workplace Survey
  • People: What employees want - Employee thoughts on the importance of flexibility and being in-person
  • Process: The importance of collaboration - How often employees work in person and what do they like about it
  • Places: Where employees work - The role of real estate and operations in making the promise of flexible workplaces match the reality of employee experiences

Our latest Workplace Strategy Guide: People, Processes, and Places is now available for download. The guide focuses on the building blocks of the modern workplace – people, processes, and places – and presents findings from our 2023 Workplace Survey and key findings from our product data gathered in the second half of 2023. The report finds that flexibility is the number one priority for employees, surpassing the need to see colleagues in person. Employees still want to get together, but getting together has become more complicated: employees report figuring out where they can meet their colleagues stops them from gathering more frequently. ##Key Insights from Workplace Survey

  • #1: Flexibility is more important than seeing coworkers in person: 80% of employees say flexibility is very important to them, while only 30% say seeing colleagues in person is very important
  • #2: When employees meet in person, it’s to collaborate: Gable’s data shows a 24% increase in meeting room bookings in the second half of 2023 compared to 2022
  • #3: Workplace is no longer synonymous with the office: 59% of employees say that when they’re not working from home, they’re working in different locations and locations not operated by their company
  • #4: Getting together is hard: 70% of employees say it’s not easy for them to coordinate a way to work in person with colleagues

People: What employees want Our 2023 Workplace Survey results showed employees’ primary concern is workplace flexibility. Respondents cited a better work-life balance, cutting down on commutes, and an improved focus when working from home, aligning with other studies that have looked at the future of hybrid and remote work. Employees who reported more choice about where and when they work in person also reported higher satisfaction with their work schedules. We hypothesize that this reflects the needs of different employee populations and their ability to self-select what works for their individual environment. See the full report >>>

Flexibility vs in person

Process: The importance of collaboration to build relationships Employees cited re-building trust, getting to know their teams better, and better cross-functional relationships as the primary reasons in-person work is valuable. This shows the importance of collaboration in a flexible work environment, as employees recognize it’s not easily replicable virtually. Our product data shows this need for collaboration is growing: we’re seeing an increase in the demand for meeting room bookings in the second half of 2023 compared to the same period in 2022. Get the full report >>>

Meeting room booking increase

Places: Where employees work Adapting to these needs means employees work in more locations. The evolution of modern work doesn’t seem to be a choice between “home” or “office.” In fact, our survey shows that the singularity of the office is slowly giving way to a more diverse mix of spaces where employees work, as 59% of employees report that when they’re not working from home, they’re working from different locations and locations not operated by their company. Download the report >>>

Where employees work

How to use this guide Our Workplace Trend Report is meant to help you understand how employees value flexible work and how you can consider operationalizing flex and hybrid work policies through data-based decisions. For a one-on-one consultation of your hybrid or remote workplace strategy and RE portfolio, book a time to speak with a member of our team. Talk to us >>>

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