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Why Gable HQ

Workplace leaders worldwide struggle with workspace management, especially when they have to manage a real estate portfolio for their hybrid and in-office teams and flex spaces for remote teams. 

Now, you can manage both – on one platform:

  • Gable On-Demand: Give your remote teams access to 8,500+ vetted, highly-curated flexible workspaces worldwide
  • Gable HQ: Easily manage all of your office desk bookings, room reservations, and private offices for your hybrid and in-office teams 

Key HQ Features

  • Reporting & Insights: Make informed HR and Real Estate decisions with a comprehensive overview of employee collaboration, space utilization, policy compliance data, insights, and trends
  • Access control integrations: Integrate your access control system and use your badge data to gain more precise occupancy insights
  • Slack and Teams integrations: Book and receive notifications for upcoming desk and room reservations directly in Slack and Teams
  • Interactive map: Show an interactive map of your office, allowing employees to easily find their peers, find key resources, and book their desks
  • Neighborhoods: Identify particular zones where teammates can sit in close proximity to collaborate effectively
  • Space amenities: Tag areas with amenities, equipment, capacity, and furniture, enabling individuals to filter spaces based on their requirements
  • Desk booking: Recommend and enable employees to reserve the ideal desk for their tasks by the hour, day, or week, empowering them to work efficiently
  • Room scheduling: Help employees collaborate by finding and booking rooms and inviting coworkers to join them onsite
  • Visitor bookings: Invite visiting guests, monitor office traffic, and ensure a warm and welcoming visitor experience
  • Mobile app: Easily reserve spaces directly from your smartphone using the Gable mobile app
  • Seat assignments: Allocate permanent desks to employees as needed, establish team pods, and design the optimal floor plan for your company
  • Space booking policies: Establish guidelines for meeting duration and advance booking policies for spaces

Benefits of using Gable HQ

  • Streamlined Room Bookings: Quick and easy reservations with a few clicks
  • Optimized Space Usage: Use actionable data to make the most of your office layout
  • Increased Employee Collaboration: Foster a collaborative environment by enabling employees to join or invite colleagues to bookings effortlessly
  • Advanced Permissions & Analytics: Gain insights with advanced tools that track and analyze space utilization

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Leading companies such as Ironclad and Quizlet have adopted Gable HQ and experienced firsthand how it transforms their workspace management and simplifies operations. Their trust and satisfaction are testaments to Gable HQ's effectiveness in handling real-world demands.

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