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Introducing Gable HQ: A Seamless Way To Manage Your Entire Workplace Strategy

Introducing Gable HQ: A Seamless Way To Manage Your Entire Workplace Strategy

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    A new way to add your HQ to Gable


    One place for your entire workplace strategy

What's new at Gable

Remote, hybrid, in-office: most companies have employees in all of these categories. For Workplace and People leaders, managing a workplace experience that’s equitable for all of them without burning through the budget is a critical task.

A big part of managing a distributed workplace effectively is making the most of your existing spaces – like your HQ and offices. Today, we’re making exciting changes that give customers a seamless, simple way to maximize the use of their offices and HQ – along with a holistic view into their whole workplace strategy.

Let’s dive in!

A new way to add your HQ to Gable

When adding your HQ or office to Gable, you can now upload floor plans directly into Gable. This lets you mark different areas in your HQ – like desks, meeting rooms, private offices, etc. – and even assign them to specific people on your team.

All of these areas will then become available for your team to book on Gable, making it easy to reserve their favorite desk or make sure they have a conference room at their disposal for that critical end-of-quarter meeting.

With our calendar integration, double bookings and availability are not an issue, making it simple and seamless for your team to get just the space they need – whenever they need it.

Gable HQ

One place for your entire workplace strategy

By bringing your HQ into Gable, we’ve made it easier than ever to manage all your workspaces everywhere in one single platform:

  • Your remote employees can book Gable spaces around the world
  • Hybrid employees can book meeting rooms in your HQ as they need them
  • Folks who like working from the office every day get assigned seats just for them

And the best part? You no longer have to jump between apps, platforms, and providers – you can run your distributed workplace with ease from Gable. Your team gets a unified experience, regardless of where they work – and you get to save time, money, and effort on management and insights.

It’s a win-win, right?

Want to know more about bringing your HQ to Gable? Request a demo from our team!

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