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How to provide workspaces for employees in different locations

How to provide workspaces for employees in different locations

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    Employees in different locations


    Employees with different workspace needs


    Assigning usage limits and privileges


    Existing solutions and their pros and cons


    An integrated, one-stop-shop solution


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With the tumultuous changes happening in the workplace in the past two years, HR, Workplace, and People Operations professionals have seen their roles, challenges, and priorities shift rapidly.

As a result of a global shift to hybrid and remote work, creating and maintaining an inclusive workplace can get tricky. How we communicate, collaborate, and connect with each other depends on entirely new procedures and protocols, created for distributed and remote teams.

The emphasis on flexibility brings a whole new world of procedures and protocols for companies and employees and a need to educate and perfect new ways of working and communicating.

The hybrid workplace brings new challenges to HR departments, like designing world-class employee experiences and creating collaborative work environments. Here are some high-level insights from our guide, which you can download in full below:

Employees in different locations

In a hybrid work environment, employees are distributed across geographies, and a singular physical location for company offices or an HQ no longer works for everyone.

HR, Workplace, and People Operations departments face the challenge of ensuring every employee gets the same conditions, opportunities, and experience regardless of their location.

Essentially, location-agnostic hiring means providing a network of flexible workspaces for employees everywhere while still ensuring HR teams don’t get swamped with hours of new workloads every month.

Challenges for HR, People Ops and Workplace professionals

Employees with different workspace needs

In a remote-first company, not all employees and departments have the same needs when it comes to workspaces. Those needs depend on their role, daily tasks and responsibilities, and travel schedule.

The People and Workplace managers among you who’ve worked with distributed workforces before already have a few different scenarios in mind to illustrate this, and we listed out some examples of use-cases in our guide to help you get started.

Assigning usage limits and privileges

When you resolve the supply and give all employees access to workspaces in multiple locations, you’re facing the challenge of setting different privilege levels, usage limits, and even budgets.

As most companies don’t have unlimited budgets to spend on workspaces, it’s the job of HR, People Operations, and Workplace teams to nail this matrix down and provide suitable accommodations for different departments and employees, reflecting on the spending and budgets.

In our full guide, you can see detailed examples of different usage levels and limits you should consider assigning in your hybrid workplace.

Managing the hybrid workplace

Existing solutions and their pros and cons

Most of the challenges we listed above are relatively new and not typical for most HR professionals. The new, hybrid workplace entered the mainstream only last year, and most experts haven’t had the time to adjust yet.

Therefore, we listed some of the solutions you can try out for providing flex spaces in multiple locations. Some of these solutions are well-known and traditionally rely on real estate agents, and long-term lease commitments, and don’t offer true flexibility, while others enable People teams to scale their workspace offerings based on the current or projected headcount.

An integrated, one-stop-shop solution

On the other hand, there are integrated solutions that cover all the challenges listed above - and then some. Meet Gable - a simple, streamlined solution to all your workspace challenges.

With Gable, you can provide workspaces in any location your employees need, scale workspace offerings, accommodate different scenarios of use, assign limits, and so much more...

If you’re curious to know more, schedule a demo with Gable and start designing a hybrid workplace your employees will love!

Want to read the whole guide? Download it below 👇

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Tailor your modern work culture, empower employees, and help them stay engaged, all while staying in control of workspace usage and spending.

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