April 08, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Gable vs. coworking spaces: How are we different?

We often get questions about how Gable differs from the many coworking space options available on the market. While we think coworking spaces are an essential part of the flexible workspaces market, Gable is different from them in many ways.

Let’s cover the fundamental differences between Gable and coworking spaces:

What is Gable?

Gable is a pioneering workplace-as-a-service company connecting companies and their employees to flexible, inspiring, and safe workspaces. Our mission is to make navigating the hybrid work ecosystem easy, simple, and effective.

people working in a Gable workspace

Space types and locations: Gable vs. coworking

While coworking spaces are usually set up in predetermined locations (most often in downtown areas), Gable offers a unique inventory of spaces. We partner with high-end boutique hotels, coworking locations, and even residential homes to provide teams with workspaces that enable them to thrive.

How is that different from your regular WeWork? Booking a space in a boutique hotel brings access to the restaurant and bar, the patios and outdoor lounges, and the high-end atmosphere that comes with a hotel stay. On top of all this, all our spaces have the highest hygiene standards - we never compromise with our members’ health and safety.


Our spaces are located in both downtown and residential areas, making it easy for employees to have an out-of-home workspace close to where they live and still save time on the commute. One of the most significant advantages of Gable is that we provide our clients with locations where they want them and can easily arrange for a perfect designated space just for your team.

Finally, all Gable spaces have office-grade amenities: great wi-fi, quiet work areas, whiteboards, printers, and coffee & tea for the team.

Hybrid workplace for companies: Gable vs. coworking

Some coworking spaces support company subscriptions and others focus on the individual users. We at Gable offer a tailored experience for both types of customers. Individual customers can easily register, book their spaces when they want, and even invite friends for a day together at Gable.

company meeting at Gable workspace

On the other hand, we offer robust features for our enterprise customers: daily passes and team subscriptions, designated spaces for their teams in locations of choice, and a workplace management platform (currently in development) that enables companies to visualize how and when employees use the spaces.

Gable and cost-flexibility

At Gable, we’re dedicated to helping companies navigate the post-pandemic flexible workplace. One of the most effective ways to do that is to downsize the long-term leases on office spaces and embrace flexible locations.

With Gable, companies can scale their physical footprint up and down when they need to, pay only for what they use and when they use it, and enjoy all the perks of inspiring spaces without commitment. The massive real-estate savings are a crucial factor for companies considering the transition to hybrid and remote work models, and the biggest reason they end up making this leap.

Workspaces as employee perks

Companies usually use Gable in one of two use-cases: as a strategic partner in navigating the landscape of hybrid and remote work or as a way to show commitment to employees through providing perks.

Employers can use Gable as a perk for their workforce, providing access to inspiring spaces that complement the sometimes tiring work-from-home experience. We can provide your company with the desired number of daily passes every month, which you can then pass on to your employees to use.

Empowering connection and collaboration

Our company’s ultimate goal is to enable employees to enjoy both the benefits of remote work and the magic that happens in face-to-face interactions. All Gable spaces are designed to promote connection and collaboration and be where purposeful encounters occur.

Reducing isolation and burnout

Finally, Gable is a way for companies to tackle the rising levels of remote work isolation and burnout. The isolation that strikes remote workers is easily mitigated with occasional meetings in Gable spaces and a good balance of focused, quiet work and social interactions.

After a year of the forced work-from-home experience, many workers have found the boundaries between their personal and professional lives to be erased or eroded. Companies are right to be wary of this because burnout can lead to plummeting productivity. Enabling your team to get out of the house to work at least once or twice a week is the path to a good work-life balance, which in term leads to better productivity, focus, and employee engagement.

Helping our community

The Covid-19 pandemic hit small businesses and the hospitality industry quite hard, and a significant focus of what we do at Gable aims at supporting our communities.

By setting up locations in residential areas, we encourage and promote people to spend money with their local businesses and help them thrive. Our partnerships with hotels help them monetize underutilized assets by providing access to a growing yet untapped market: remote workers, teams, and companies.

Switching to hybrid or remote work?

If your company is transitioning to hybrid and remote work, consider using Gable. Our network of neighborhood workspaces accommodates flexible work, safe meetings, and scalable solutions that grow along with you. Explore Gable and find out how we can help with your transformation.

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