Top 10 Workspace Innovators of 2023

Here at Gable, we help enterprises around the globe source, book, and manage remote workspaces for their distributed teams. We work with over 400 space operators around the world, so we’ve seen quite a few coworking spaces, private offices, conference rooms, and event venues. And today, we’re curating a list of 10 operators we think provide exceptional, innovative service and approach to the flexible workspace industry. Let’s dive in 👇


CEO & Co-Founder - Dan Zakai

Mindspace is one of my personal favorites, and here's why. They are a boutique flexible workspace provider with 40+ locations around the globe. They embody the belief that when people are excited about coming to work, businesses thrive.

And when I take a closer look, their beautifully designed spaces do just that! Plush interiors that showcase the feel of the local environments paired with thoughtful amenities and community events leave you in awe as you step into a Mindspace location. They also feature resources that showcase the benefits of flexible workspaces as companies keep cost top of mind when it comes to real estate investments. Mindspace has plans to grow and expand by opening locations in Miami, New York, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, and Israel!

Oh, and you can find many of their locations on Gable. How could you not like them? Learn more about Mindspace here, or visit one of their locations on Gable by clicking here.

Mindspace San Francisco


CEO & Co-Founder - Rafael Museri

Selina is aiming to build one of the largest hospitality brands in the world. They provide spaces to stay, travel, and work around the globe. Their teams bring both local and industry knowledge to the table, curating spaces and experiences for the nomads of today.

With stay accommodations, coworking spaces, local experiences, wellness, and recreation, they provide a beautifully meshed list of product offerings to a growing market of individuals looking to travel and work all around the globe.

In the past year, they started operations in 3 new countries, opened 22 new locations globally, and celebrated going public. Check out more information on Selina at their website, linked here.

Studio by Tishman Speyer

CEO - Rob Speyer

Studio by Tishman Speyer is another one of my personal favorites! Studio was launched by Tishman Speyer back in 2018 with over 40 years of real estate experience to back its strategic operations in the flexible workspace industry. They offer work and event spaces in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Brazil, with plans for expansion into other cities. Studio Gather is their premium event space product available in Boston and New York City.

This unique product caters to those looking to have meetings or gatherings of any size with amenities like stocked snack pantries, customizable layouts with comfortable furnishings, and on-site event and AV support. They also offer events, programming, and networking opportunities to spark collaboration, connectivity, and community feels among their members and tenants.

Studio by Tishman Speyer is also a lovely member of Gable's host network and has its spaces bookable on Gable. View one of their locations here or learn more about Studio by visiting their website here.

Studio by Tishman Speyer

The Great Room by Industrious

CEO & Founder - Jaelle Ang

With locations in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong, The Great Room by Industrious has aimed to provide spaces and environments that change the way people work, meet, and socialize. With an eye for design, they truly have captured warm elements of feng shui needed for people to gather comfortably and grow.

Industrious recently acquired The Great Room in an effort to expand its premium workplace offerings globally. I think this was a smart move for Industrious, as this is an operator that aligned well with the company's expansion plan.

The Commons

Co-Founders Cliff Ho & Thomas Ye

The Commons is a Certified B Corporation located in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Keeping social impact and responsibility in mind, The Commons has created spaces that redefine what a day at the office truly means. Each space embodies its surrounding environment to truly reflect the members that inhabit the space.

Their spaces offer unique features like wellness studios, cultural events programs, movie theaters, and even karaoke rooms. These spaces are my type of space and, without a doubt, would have me moving to Australia in a heartbeat. They have a plethora of workspace membership solutions that cater to businesses of any size.


CEO - Bill Bennett

Located in over 30 cities, Expansive has grown to be one of the largest flexible office space providers in the United States. Their goal is to provide spaces that enable teams and companies to grow and thrive.

Expansive consists of Expansive Workspaces, Expansive Venues, Expansive Storage, and Expansive Long Term to provide the necessary workspace solutions and resources for companies to grow and scale with ease. From daily access passes to enterprise-sized spaces, Expansive has a variety of products and services to offer for workspace, meeting, and event space needs.

Expansive continued its expansion and recently opened a location in Mesa, Arizona, through a partnership with Caliber Companies. Learn more about Expansive by clicking here.

Want to book a space from one of our partners? Click here to find a workspace near you!

Lucid Private Office

CEO - Flip Howard

Recently rebranding from WorkSuites to Lucid Private Offices, they offer an array of workspace solutions in Houston, Atlanta, and the Dallas-Fort Worth areas. They offer modern and luxurious interiors to curate welcoming and mature atmospheres for their members and guests.

Providing private office solutions, meeting rooms, and virtual office memberships, they've curated multiple options for teams looking for private and professional workspace solutions.

OYO Workspaces

CEO OYO India - Ankit Gupta

OYO Workspaces originally started as a hotel company but launched its flexible workspace arm through multiple operator acquisitions a few years ago. Oyo operates in multiple metropolitan areas of India with a strong mission to provide a better work-life balance in India.

They offer comfortable seating with flexible membership and space offerings built for companies to grow and scale businesses. They offer more than just space: it’s about professional services, lifestyle offerings, and other add-ons for their members. A few examples include legal advisory, laundry services, and storage. To learn more about their spaces and amenities, click here.


CEO & Co-Founder - Rupert Dean

Located in the UK, X+Why has locations in London and Birmingham and is on a mission to change the way the world works for good. X+Why is a Certified B Corporation that aims to help advance people, the planet, and profit.

They offer private spaces, club spaces, meeting spaces, and a variety of memberships that cater to purpose-driven companies and individuals looking to make a change in the world for good. Every member agrees to their pledge for better business in an effort to improve the world around us.

They offer spaces made of sustainable materials, amenities to incentivize sustainable practices, and wellness events curated for their community. Check out how they are changing the way the world works here!


CEO - Ryan Simonetti

Convene is a leading hospitality company aiming to elevate the way people meet, work, and live by reimagining what "a workday" means for the companies of today in 7 cities in the U.S. and London.

Weaving 5-Star hospitality into work, meeting, and event spaces is at the core of what they do. Features include onsite culinary services, in-house AV & IT, and end-to-end studio services for virtual and hybrid event hosting. This company, in my opinion, is providing some true state of the art.

It’s no longer just a space – it’s a feeling

To thrive, grow, and succeed in a hyper-competitive global market, workspace operators need to provide exceptional service, breathtaking spaces, and a variety of add-ons to dazzle and enthrall their customers and companies who want the best spaces for their employees.

In my opinion, these 10 providers do a superb job of providing all that and more, but if you have a workspace you think deserves to be on this list – let us know!

And if you want to learn about how Gable provides companies and employees with spaces for connection and collaboration, read all about it here.

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