The Best Coworking Spaces with Childcare You Can Book on Gable

Flexible work models and schedules benefit all employees, but one group stands out in particular – working parents.

If your company supports flexibility by offering access to flex spaces, as a working parent, you might want to look into a specific type of space: those that have childcare on-site. Spaces like these are still not many, but a growing number of providers are considering childcare as part of their workspace offerings.

At Gable, we’re dedicated to supporting flexibility at work and working parents. We made a list of the best spaces offering childcare that you can book on Gable, and we’ll continue to update it as we add more spaces like this.

Coworking spaces with childcare you can book on Gable

JuggleHub Coworking, Berlin, Germany

JuggleHub Coworking is a family-friendly Berlin coworking space that also offers flexible childcare.

Its central location, just minutes away from Alexanderplatz, ensures easy accessibility for members. The historical building's charming interior provides a creative atmosphere, while high-speed WFi and a range of workshop rooms ensure productivity.

To inquire about childcare options, reach out to JuggleHub Coworking after you’ve made a booking on Gable.

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JuggleHub Coworking

The Commons At Phase, Alpharetta, GA, USA

The Commons at Phase provides space for leaders to shape the future.

They offer all the amenities you need as a professional, from stable WiFi and quiet phone call areas to free parking and outdoor seating. Work collaboratively in their shared coworking space or retreat to a meeting room, all while benefiting from their excellent service and collaborative environment.

To inquire about childcare options, reach out to The Commons at Phase after you’ve made a booking on Gable.

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The Commons at Phase

Pillar Cowork, Lafayette, CA, USA

With a day pass at Pillar Cowork, you'll enjoy the whole "Pillar experience," with fast and reliable WiFi, unlimited access to the open seating area, their cafe with complimentary coffee and tea, and the lounge area.

Pillar is the right place for getting out of your home office, changing the day-to-day scenery, or meeting up with teammates.

To inquire about childcare options, reach out to Pillar Cowork after you’ve made a booking on Gable.

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Pillar cowork

OneSpace, Vancouver, Canada

OneSpace has lots of natural light, large windows, original hardwood floors, and double-height ceilings. Its hot desks are located on the main floor.

All desks are tucked into 'nooks,' and separated by dividers so you can enjoy privacy and the spaciousness of their space. With your booking, you also have access to all OneSpace amenities, including fast WiFi, complimentary refreshments, a phone room, and full kitchen amenities.

To inquire about childcare options, reach out to OneSpace after you’ve made a booking on Gable.

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Disclaimer: Any individual looking to enroll their child in childcare services must do so off the Gable platform. Like other childcare centers, the parents will be responsible for signing the appropriate insurance documentation. The childcare option in these coworking spaces is not “drop-in”—parents will need to enroll their child in appropriate classes.

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