Modern Workplace Strategy: A Guide to the Best Employee and Employer Outcomes in a Flexible World

Even though recent headlines might make you think every CEO is pushing back to the office full-time, the data doesn’t support it for everyone. In fact, the #1 question we hear from workplace leaders is 'What are other companies really doing?'So here’s the answer. We wanted to share what is really happening and how you can make smarter workplace decisions based on data, impact, and company values.

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The workplace isn’t a dichotomy – it’s a spectrum, and the data is there to prove it. Companies are looking for workplace policies that solve the unique challenges of their teams, and those aren’t necessarily in-office or fully remote.We gathered examples of what other companies are doing, created cheat sheets to help you assess which strategy would work best for your company, and crafted a template you can use to communicate your workplace strategy to employees and prospective talent.

Table of contents


Workplace Strategy Spectrum

Workplace Policy Cheatsheets

The building blocks of your workplace strategy

Communicating your policy

8 Key Metrics To Track in a Flexible Workplace

Workplace Policy Template

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