Building, scaling, and connecting distributed teams

Lessons from TikTok, Okta, Doist, and Affordances

Coffee with Gable is a thought leadership series hosted by Gable’s CEO, Liza Mash Levin. In these interviews, Liza sits down with experts and thought leaders in the domain of Workplace, People, and the Future of Work and discusses best practices and actionable items that can help other managers and People leaders build a great distributed workplace.

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This guide is an aggregated learning from Coffee with Gable chats with some of our best guests recently:

  • Assal Yavari, Sr. Director of Global Workplace Management at Okta
  • Kate Barney, Head of HR for Americas and Global Functions at TikTok
  • Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist
  • Omar Ramirez, Founder of Affordances

We summarized our guests’ insights to give examples, tips, and best practices you can apply today to build, scale, and connect your distributed workforce.

Table of contents

  • Combining virtual events with wellbeing sessions

  • Onboarding in cohorts

  • Leading with openness and transparency

  • Taking feedback regularly

  • Prioritizing company culture

  • Leaning into learning & development

  • Creating in-person connections






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