How Docker Empowers Employees To Connect With Gable

Ewa Sarota-Raczek

Seeing our team members post photos together in person again is really exciting for us to see. It’s one of the telltale signs that connections are being made in person again, and we are happy to see our team benefit from them.

Ewa Sarota-Raczek, Operations Coordinator at Docker


Docker helps developers bring their ideas to reality by conquering the complexity of app development. They simplify and accelerate workflows with an integrated development pipeline and application components.



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Docker helps developers bring their ideas to life by conquering the complexity of app development. They are a remote-first company with 300+ employees distributed across 221 cities.

The Challenge: Implementing a remote-first culture without administrative challenges

In 2020, Docker began a journey from an office-centric to a remote-first company. The team at Docker wanted to tap into the benefits remote work brings, from access to the best talent to empowering employees to do their best work regardless of where they are.

And even though the Docker team is no stranger to using technology to develop products, grow teams, and maintain the culture, they realized there are still benefits to meeting in person, whether for one-off events or a more regular cadence.

To resolve this problem, the team looked into using other workspace booking platforms, hotel meeting spaces, and even weekly workspace rentals.

“We were looking for a solution to help alleviate our resources by allowing team members to self-serve while also giving them the flexibility to find locations and spaces that best met their needs.”

Why Gable: The Advantages

Docker leadership recognized the concept of work-life balance has changed. Employees still want to see each other and connect, but without having to spend a fixed amount of time in the office.

Fulfilling employees’ needs

Additionally, Docker’s Operations team wanted to give employees in all locations plenty of workspace options to choose from, all at their fingertips. They chose Gable because it’s a simple, self-serve tool for employees to use and the Operations team to manage.

How Docker uses Gable

Docker employees use Gable to book spaces, see where coworkers are going to work and join them, and request locations. The Operations team uses the Gable dashboard to manage and monitor the workplace, gather and analyze data, and streamline their workflows.

Giving employees a space to connect

For the Operations team at Docker, it’s important to give employees the confidence of always having the space to meet in person when they need it. And with a team distributed across geographies, it’s essential to give the same level of access to employees in every location.

“Gable allows our teams to self-book spaces in their cities anytime. This frees up our operations teams' time and eliminates any wait time for our teams, so they always have the space they need.”

For Docker’s employees, Gable is a trustworthy and dependable resource for all office and meeting space needs, making it easy for them to gather, connect, and build relationships in person without thinking about logistics.

Measuring usage and engagement

Docker’s Operations team uses Gable’s dashboard to measure employee engagement, the uptick in workspace usage and in-person meetings, and the reduction of internal inputs needed to secure workspaces.

The dashboard allows us to see which teams collaborate in person the most, where they are, and which of our locations has a higher need to meet in person. We have some periods during the year when we see a surge in demand for workspaces. But there isn’t a spike in the workload for the Ops team because Gable handles it all for us.”

A no-touch approach for the Operations team

Gable empowers Docker’s Operations team to have a low or no-touch approach to the distributed workplace, as they know employees can find and book spaces easily by themselves.

This means they can focus on company goals and objectives while still providing a top-notch experience to all their employees.

“One of the main factors that made us decide to use Gable was usability. It’s easy for everyone to self-book, the process is seamless, and Gable’s support team is outstanding and always there to help”.

For Docker, providing employees with workspace access was challenging before Gable. They had to source office locations in many different cities, schedule times for their team members, place procurement requests and organize the entire process.

With Gable, they have a single, easy-to-use platform where all employees can find and book spaces to meet coworkers in just a few clicks.

Supporting collaboration and fostering connections

Docker’s employees are very eager to meet in person again and build relationships that enable them to work better together.

Seeing our team members post photos together in person again is really exciting for us to see. It’s one of the telltale signs that connections are being made in person again, and we are happy to see our team benefit from them.”

Gable supports open collaboration as Docker’s key virtue, always listens to feedback, and works around to introduce new features and make managing the distributed workplace even easier. This symbiotic relationship reduces the burden on Docker’s operations team, provides an exceptional employee experience, and facilitates in-person connections.

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