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Stay on top of your spending

No black box of physical office space usage! Full transparency into who, how, and where bookings are happening.

Track and monitor budget spending in real time

Get budget reports with breakdowns by user, space type, and location

Only pay for bookings your team uses and no wasted credits


Get the most out of your office & HQ

Add your office or HQ to Gable, get usage insights, and optimize how your teams use real estate.

Onboard your HQ or office floor plan

Track how and when your team uses different spaces

Get insights into the usability and occupancy of your real estate


Plan your real estate needs and save costs

Use Gable's cost calculator to estimate your real estate cost savings if you switch to a flex space model

Add your current headcount

Enter the avg. monthly visits to workspaces per employee

Get a cost-savings estimate for your first year with Gable


What they're saying about Gable

The main benefit of Gable is increasing engagement and preventing burnout, which has a quantitative impact.

Ben Levick, VP, Operations

Employees can easily see where their teammates are headed and join them, without anyone having to coordinate or guide them.

Elyse Wolin, Employee Engagement Manager

For us as a tech company, ease of use matters, and with Gable, we continue to experience it every day.

Jessa Graves, Sr. Manager, Employee Experience

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