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Best Flexible Office Spaces in San Francisco

Best Flexible Office Spaces in San Francisco

San Francisco is where so many startup founders, innovators, and business leaders want to be, and with good reason. It’s a hub of entrepreneurship, networking, and new ideas, and it has quite a few dream neighborhoods to live and work in.

And as a true startup-friendly city, it boasts some impressive flexible offices, too. Whether you’re looking for a quiet desk or a bustling coworking space, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive into our current favorites:

1. Hotel Kabuki

Did you know you could work from one of the coolest San Francisco hotels? Hotel Kabuki, located in the Japantown District, offers a vibrant design, productive atmosphere, and a great work setup.

The hotel offers a great coffee and tea selection, as well as phone booth areas, for those Zoom calls you need to take. If you want to get out of your home office and enjoy the best work atmosphere there is, book a seat at Hotel Kabuki through Gable.

hotel kabuki workspace

2. Canopy Jackson Square

Canopy Jackson Square is one of San Francisco’s most popular and well-known coworking spaces. With ample daylight, designer office furniture, and a wide array of areas to work in, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to work productively.

Phone booths are available for taking calls and meetings, and you can ask for a whiteboard if you’re brainstorming for your next project. This coworking space offers an outdoor seating area, with amazing views over San Francisco. You can book canopy Jackson Square for half a workday or a full one, depending on how much time you need.

coworking space san francisco

3. Canopy Jackson Square Meeting Room

If you love the look and feel of Canopy Jackson Square for day passes and coworking, you’ll love it even more for a team gathering or a meeting. This 14-person boardroom comes equipped with a whiteboard wall, video conferencing, conference phone, and fiber internet.

To seal the deal, this bright space has amazing views of the Transamerica and Sentinel buildings, and by booking it, you’ll have access to complimentary drip coffee, espresso, tea, seltzers, snacks, and filtered water. Book your next meeting and enjoy working at Canopy Jackson Square.

Canopy Jackson Square Meeting Room

4. AvantSpace

Located in Cow Hollow, AvantSpace is a vibrant, elegant, and bright coworking space in San Francisco. It’s the perfect place to focus on your day-to-day work, work together with your team, and enjoy a dedicated space for productivity.

Apart from the standard amenities, at AvantSpace, you can enjoy a cup (or more!) of great coffee or tea, get a printer or whiteboard when you need it, and sit on their cozy outdoor terrace. You can book AvantSpace and get to work in this amazing space by joining Gable.

avantspace san francisco coworking

5. AvantSpace Boardroom

If the elegance of AvantSpace has you wanting more, you’re in the right place. Their boardroom accommodates 10 people for a meeting in the best possible setting. The equipment includes a 60-inch TV screen with state-of-the-art video and teleconferencing, a spacious table with outlets, and comfy Stylex conference chairs.

If this bright meeting room sounds appealing, check the available dates and book it on Gable.

San Francisco meeting room

6. MindSpace San Francisco

A bright and airy coworking space, soda and coffee bar, ample lounge areas, and spacious desk stations - with Mindspace San Francisco, you can truly have it all.

Located in the bustling business district, Mindspace enables you to do your best work while enjoying the well-designed, bright, and amenity-filled space. Want to book for a day or more? You can do it on Gable.

mindspace coworking san francisco

7. Trellis Workspace

A SoMa coworking space spread out on 3 floors, an on-site cafe with a great selection of coffee, spacious desks, lounge areas, quiet phone booths - Trellis workspace checks all these boxes and more.

With fiber internet, whiteboards, and an inviting interior, Trellis is the perfect place to grab a desk and get down to business. Book it on Gable for a day, five, or more.

coworking space san francisco

8. Dahlia Conference Room at Trellis Workspace

Dahlia is a bright and cozy conference room inside Trellis workspace that seats up to 6 people. It’s equipped with a TV screen, a whiteboard, and a reliable internet connection. If you loved Trellis for coworking, try out Dahlia with your team and get them on board.

Dahlia Meeting Room Trellis

9. Ivy Conference Room at Trellis Workspace

Similar to Dahlia, Ivy is a meeting room at Trellis, but with 8 comfortable seats for a great meeting. The decor of Ivy is complemented with plenty of artwork, and amenities include a TV screen with video casting, a whiteboard, and powered tables. You can book Ivy on Gable.

Meeting room for rent san francisco

10. Rambling Rose Conference Room at Trellis Workspace

Rambling Rose is the largest meeting room at Trellis - it can seat 14 people in a boardroom setting and up to 20 in a classroom setup. Its blue and grey interior makes a great backdrop for energizing and productive meetings and gatherings, and with amenities like whiteboards, printing services, and a TV screen, you’ll truly be able to accomplish all your tasks. You can book Rambling Rose on Gable.

Rambling Rose meeting room San Francisco

11. Galvanize SoMa

Galvanize is a San Francisco coworking space in the vibrant East Cut of SoMa. Galvanize takes collaboration and community to a whole new level with five floors of beautiful workspaces and a rooftop overlooking downtown.

The superior amenities include snacks and coffee, whiteboards, printers, and phone booths for meetings, making Galvanize your ideal work home. Try it out on Gable.

co working san francisco

12. Werqwise Coworking

Werqwise coworking space is a unique missing link between real estate and people’s workspace needs. Their creative, energizing workspace boasts plenty of greenery, natural light, and different areas made to maximize your wellbeing and productivity.

Amenities at Werqwise include a great internet connection, lounge areas and spacious desks, phone booths for all those meetings, a stocked kitchen with coffee and tea, and whiteboards when you need them. Check out Werqwise and book your day to try it out.

Werqwise coworking

13. Werqwise Conference Room 5C

Like Werqwise’s day passes for coworking? How about checking out their meeting room? Conference room 5C at Werqwise is spacious, private, and equipped to meet the demands of even the pickiest professionals.

You’ll have access to a TV screen for video casting, tables with outlets, high-speed internet, a fully stocked kitchen with espresso bar and beer on tap, and friendly staff to help you out whenever you need it. If this sounds like the place for your next company meeting, check out the availability on Gable.

Werqwise meeting room

14. Canopy Pacific Heights

Canopy’s location in Pacific Heights is the essence of elegance and sophistication when it comes to workspaces. This bright, open, and perfectly designed coworking space emphasizes exceptional furnishings, spacious workstations, and even air-purifiers to make your experience stand out.

The amenities at this boutique space include a great coffee and tea selection, an outdoor seating area, a fully stocked kitchen, and spacious phone booths where you can take a call in style. Check out Canopy Pacific Heights on Gable and book a date to enjoy this amazing space.

Canopy coworking Pacific Heights

15. Canopy Pacific Heights Meeting Room

Host your next meeting in the elegant and sophisticated Canopy Pacific Heights meeting room. Their 5-person conference room comes with a whiteboard wall, AirPlay, and a conference phone. You’ll have all the amenities Canopy Pacific Heights offers for coworking, including their amazing coffee, refreshments, and snacks. Check out this meeting room on Gable.

Canopy Pacific Heights Meeting Room

16. Hotel Axiom

If you want to work from one of San Francisco’s coolest hotels, Axiom is a great choice for you. Their shared workspaces have a social, open framework and are designed in an eclectic, yet elegant style.

Amenities at Axiom include fiberoptic high-speed internet, tabletop power/USB outlets, and printing capabilities, and there are also quiet areas where you can take a call in peace and quiet. Check out the availability at Axiom and try out this hip workspace today.

Hotel Axiom workspace

17. Hotel Zetta

Another hotel workspace option in San Francisco is Hotel Zetta, with its playful and creative workspace areas. Here, you can connect with local professionals, work with your team, or come by to get your tasks done in peace.

The vibrant design of Hotel Zetta features plenty of artwork and is complemented with amenities like phone booths, reliable internet, and parking on-premises. If you’d like to spend a workday in this creative hub in SoMa, book your seat on Gable.

Hotel Zetta workspace

18. Canopy FiDi

Another gem from Canopy is this amazing location in Financial District. This work oasis has a Mediterranean feel, with abundant sunlight, greenery, glass walls, and soothing colors. Everything at Canopy FiDi is designed with the ultimate comfort and productivity in mind, from ergonomic furniture, phone booths and lounge areas, to the coffee selection in the fully stocked kitchen.

If you’re looking for a workspace that will energize you and give you the much-needed boost to finish all your tasks, look no further than Canopy FiDi. Book it on Gable and enjoy. You’re welcome!

Canopy coworking Financial District

19. Neyborly Fisherman’s Wharf

Right in the heart of Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll find this cozy and bright workspace, ideal for your next company meeting. You’ll enjoy the direct view of the harbor, an airy workspace with amenities like a big TV screen, whiteboard, and convenient parking options.

Book this unique space on Gable and enjoy your front-row seats to the harbor!

Neyborly Fishermans Wharf

These are our favorite flexible workspaces in San Francisco! If you want to explore what else we’ve got, check out all Gable cities.

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