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Best Coworking Spaces in Texas

Best Coworking Spaces in Texas

Texas is slowly emerging as a rival to California when it comes to housing the best tech and business companies and professionals. With big hubs like Austin, Dallas, and Houston thriving and expanding, demand for top-notch workspaces is growing too.

We have quite a selection of workspaces to choose from in all these hubs In Texas. Check out our favorites in each of these cities:

1. The Square, Houston

The Square is the perfect workspace solution for employees and teams of any size. Their tastefully decorated, bright, and open space in Houston will leave you wanting to come back every day.

The amenities include a gorgeous terrace, first-class furniture, bottomless coffee and tea, and phone call areas for taking those Zoom calls. You can book a day (or more!) at The Square on Gable.

The Square Houston

2. Bond Collective, Austin

The elegant and soothing workspace at The Bond Collective in Austin will help you focus and dive deep into your most productive work.

At Bond Collective, you’ll find lounge sofas, communal tables, and dedicated desks, so you can choose where you work best. Craft beers and coffee are complimentary, so you can enjoy a drink during and after work hours. Snatch your spot at Bond Collective on Gable and start your day on a good note!

Bond Collective workspace Austin

3. Bond Collective Austin Meeting Room

Bond Collective Austin offers a good selection of meeting rooms to choose from. The first one comes equipped with a whiteboard, a TV screen, and elegant yet comfortable furnishings perfect for any occasion from a board meeting to a team gathering.

There are parking options available, and if you book this meeting room, you can use the outdoor area at Bond Collective when you need to take a break from your meeting.

Bond Colletive Austin Meeting Room

4. Bond Collective Austin Comal Meeting Room

Comal Meeting Room has all the elegance and sophistication of Bond Collective workspaces, only it’s made for a gathering of up to 12 people.

Amenities like complimentary craft beer and coffee, an amazing terrace, and phone booths make this venue the perfect backdrop for any type of get-together. You can book Comal Meeting Room for a full workday or half a day, depending on how much time you want to spend in this professional heaven.

Austin Comal Meeting Room

5. Venture X, Dallas

Venture X is a boutique-style coworking space, with workspace setups for every need. The space is bright, open, spacious, and vibrant, ticking all the boxes when it comes to office design.

At Venture X, you’ll have access to whiteboards, printers, phone booths, a great kitchen space, and coffee and tea to sip at all day. You can book Venture X Dallas by joining Gable.

Venture X coworking Dallas

6. Good Coworking, Dallas

Good Coworking in Dallas is much more than a workspace - they’re a community focused on wellbeing and healthy work environments. Their building has a LEED Gold certification, which means the workspace boasts natural light, great indoor air quality, and non-toxic furnishings.

Apart from the usual amenities, like parking, whiteboards, phone call areas, and bottomless coffee and tea, you can also count on a beautiful outdoor space to take a break from work. If Good Coworking is what you’ve been looking for, book your seat on Gable.

Good Coworking Dallas

7. Common Desk Coworking Deep Ellum, Dallas

Common Desk Coworking is an eclectic, bold, and welcoming workspace for professionals of all backgrounds.

Amenities include an incredibly fast (and reliable!) WiFi connection, bottomless drip coffee, outdoor seating, and parking options, so if this sounds like a perfect workspace for you, snatch a seat on Gable.

Common Desk Coworking Dallas

These are our favorite coworking spaces in Texas! If you want to explore coworking spaces and flexible offices in other locations, browse through all Gable cities.

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