Improve onboarding, engagement, satisfaction, & retention of employees

Get the best of both worlds: the autonomy of remote and hybrid policies with the culture building of in-person connection and collaboration
"Every other program I’ve seen requires a lot of maintenance and check in. Using a hands-off platform like Gable is a bit of a unicorn."
"The thing that stands out the most about Gable, the number one thing, is their team. The responsiveness to product feedback and customer service is a true differentiator."
"With Gable, I steer the ship of the workplace experience. It feels like I am the mothership since I control the budget, usage, and limits. But I can also give my employees their own smaller ships – so they have the freedom to book spaces, invite coworkers, and create an environment they need."

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Employee Experience

Create the best employee experience to attract and ratin talent

Implement your policy

Set and enforce your company budget, approval, and equity policies

Make Better Decisions with Data

Gain insight into where teams work, who they work with, and how spaces are being used

More places to collaborate.
On-demand access and pricing.


Make is simple and fun for employees to get together

See where and when your teammates are working, invite others collaborate, and join team and company events

Seamless Integration with your employees everyday tools

Integrate your workflows with your company’s SSO, HRIS, Access control, Chat, Calendar, and more apps to create a smooth experience for your employees

Set and enforce your company policies and workflows

All the Booking, Budget, Approval, and Notification Controls you need to implement your workflows

Gable on-the-go

Gable's mobile app brings ease of use and unlimited connections to your team, wherever they are
Data & Insights

Analytics you need to measure the impact of your programs

Access detailed Engagement, CSAT, Reviews, and NPS reports to feel the pulse of your employees

What they’re saying about Gable

“We're able to see the actual utilization of our office. We can see how many people intent to come in and actually come in. This will help us make future decisions about our real estate and hybrid policies much easier”
Josh Bukstein
Director of Workplace
“Creating an equitable experience for remote and in-office teammates is hard. Gable allows us to bridge that gap”
Katie Strain
Head of Workplace

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