Vetted Locations & Reliability

Confidently use workspaces pre-selected for amenities, safety, and security

All workspaces are pre-vetted to ensure a high standard of amenities and customer service.

Workspaces have all the amenities required for a productive workday - strong WiFi, light, comfortable seating, phone booths, coffee/tea, and more.


How Gable helps Kasa attract and retain the best talent

12 different cities where employees use Gable

1 whole workday saved for the Operations team every month

4.8 satisfaction score




​​I see enthusiasm for Gable in our employees, and I think it’s a great hiring tool. It’s an amazing benefit to offer and something that differentiates our benefits package. The appreciation of our benefits has gone up with Gable as part of our offering.

Ben Levick, VP, Operations

Ben Levick






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