Processes That Support Your Team

Make advance and recurring reservations

Users can book a single seat, multiple seats and meeting spaces on a recurring basis to ensure they have what they need, when they need it.

You get all the benefits of an office, without any of the overhead operational costs.


Support team collaboration by making it easy to organize remote meetings

New hires can be automatically invited to join standing remote meetings.

Employees can easily coordinate and invite users to come to their meetings.

Employees can see who is going to be at a space each day, so they can plan how best to work with colleagues.


Tailor your program to work best for your company

Admins can see usage trends - e.g., top users, departments, and popular workspaces (including who worked where, when) - for better capacity planning and management.

New location options can automatically be added for new employees with HRIS integration

Admins receive ongoing feedback to support continuous improvement.


How Augury Steers the Distributed Workplace with Gable

17 cities where employees use Gable

50% increased usage of workspace

25 hours saved for the Workplace Experience team every month




With Gable, I steer the ship of the workplace experience. It feels like I am the mothership since I control the budget, usage, and limits. But I can also give my employees their own smaller ships – so they have the freedom to book spaces, invite coworkers, and create an environment they need.

Tiffany Millar, Director of Workplace Experience

Tiffany Millar






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