March 22, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Your health is #1 for us: Gable's COVID-19 strategy

Your health is #1 for us: Gable's COVID-19 strategy

Globally and in the US, the vaccine rollout is in full swing, and the COVID-19 pandemic is hopefully nearing its end. Meanwhile, we at Gable are hard at work reshaping our workspaces to fit the new standards and provide you with the best experience.

We know most people are eager to leave their home offices at least a couple of times a week and enjoy a change of scenery and working with friends and colleagues. Still, health and safety measures remain their top concern, and with good reason.

Here's what we're doing at Gable to make sure you are safe and protected in our spaces:


All our spaces are thoroughly cleaned with EPA-approved disinfecting products. We pay special attention to frequently touched surfaces and provide hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes in all Gable spaces.

Limited capacity

All Gable spaces currently operate with reduced and limited capacity to minimize exposure and ensure social distancing.

Wearing masks is required

You are required to wear a mask indoors at all Gable spaces. Many of our spaces have outdoor seating areas, too, making sure you can grab some fresh air.

Health questionnaires

After you book a space, you will need to fill out a mandatory health questionnaire. This step helps ensure all our guests and hosts feel safe and do their part in minimizing risk.

Contactless check-in

The Gable app provides you with a contactless check-in process as another step to make sure you are protected and safe when using Gable.

Signage to promote positive behavior

Gable provides signage for our hosts to put out in their spaces, as well as sanitization checklists to streamline their cleaning protocols.

Guidance for our hosts

We provide guidance and advice to all our hosts on how to best implement safety measures and enable the guests to work in our spaces without stress.

Support whenever you need it

Our team is working tirelessly to assess the situation, keep in touch with hosts and visitors, and introduce new steps to increase safety if the need arises.

We are going the extra mile to provide all Gable members with peace of mind and an incredible experience. Find out more details about our COVID-19 strategy on our dedicated page.

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