Top Women Leaders in the Flex Space & Coworking Industry

At Gable, diversity is one of our core values – and we wouldn’t be where we are without the many talented, dedicated, incredible women in our company and song our partners. So this Women’s History Month, we decided to elevate, celebrate, and get inspired by great women leaders in the workspace industry and highlight their stories. Let’s dive in👇

Natasha Mohan

Natasha Mohan is the CEO & Co-Founder of WorkSocial, a Jersey City coworking space that aims to bring wellness, happiness, and leadership to redefine your workday. Just a few weeks ago, WorkSocial celebrated its 7th birthday, showing that Natasha’s dedication and passion for bringing happiness to work have found the right audience.

Natasha believes in empowering women to run their own businesses and supporting each other:

One great thing I did as a leader is I joined a women's networking group. We meet weekly and discuss our successes, failures, and challenges. In this group, we not only learn from others' experiences, but we can share our own. We have a connection that is growing every week, and we help each other with ideas that the other can implement in their practices.”

Natasha is one of Gable’s first and dearest partners, so if you want to support her incredible business, book a day pass at WorkSocial on Gable.

Natasha Mohan WorkSocial

Jacyara de Oliveira

Jacyara de Oliveira is the Manager of New Ventures at Industrious. She has been working in the flex space industry for a few years and considers it a particularly interesting and thoughtful corner of the corporate real estate world. She says the move to flex spaces is championed by companies who really care about employees and their diverse set of needs.

As a leader, here’s how she supports and elevates other women in their professional growth:

I try to emulate the women that inspire me. Industrious is full of incredible women leaders that have championed my growth and, in turn, allowed me to do the same for others. We make time for one another: whether that's a quick Zoom coffee to catch up on the day-to-day, or an intentional feedback session, we approach the interaction with curiosity, honesty, and care. I like looking for opportunities to let folks stretch beyond their comfort zone, allowing for failure, learning, and growth.

Jacyara de Oliveira

Kayley DiCicco

Kayley DiCicco is the Enterprise Sales Director at Expansive, a flex space operator present in 40 cities in North America and counting. Expansive builds workspace communities where people and companies thrive, and Kayley has been in the industry for a decade.

While COVID accelerated Work-From-Anywhere acceptance, it also intensified the burden on working women who managed both work and increased caregiving responsibilities. I hope employers embrace coworking spaces, providing more options for their employees and a choice in having an alternative workspace designed for productivity outside of but near their homes. Now that I have a two-year-old, these concepts resonate even more. Even certain amenities like a Mother's Room are crucial in coworking spaces to support new mothers.

Kayley DiCicco

Cate Luzio

Cate Luzio is the Founder & CEO of Luminary, one of New York’s best-known coworking spaces and a collaboration hub for women who are passionate about professional development and expanding their networks.

Cate has created a space for women to invest in their professional and self-development, so she is no stranger to elevating and empowering women around her:

Our programming and community have been created to uplift, up-skill, and empower women forward, whether you are entering or re-entering the workforce, a leader in the “power middle,” embarking on a career transition or entrepreneurship. Luminary is the ultimate career advocate providing “real world” advice, tools, and resources to advance, build, connect, and develop. It’s also great to see platforms like Gable supporting the growth of the woman-owned/led spaces that are popping up all over the world.”

See Cate’s amazing space for yourself – book a day pass at Luminary on Gable!

Cate Luzio

Iris Kavanagh

Iris Kavanagh is the Co-CEO at Women Who Cowork, a community for women and non-binary founders and operators of coworking communities. They provide business tools, resources, mentorship, and consulting and advocate for women and non-binary ownership of coworking spaces. Iris says she has seen a great shift in the number of women opening new spaces since 2018:

It’s apparent that women who are opening spaces post-2018 are serious about their business and the business of building local community. The trends in the types of spaces women are opening are exciting to watch: there's no one model that is the most popular. Instead, women are opening and sustaining everything from the traditional shared office with a mix of every kind of business to spaces that are centered on improving the life experiences of traditionally underserved communities. Some have been operating for 5+ years and, having survived the pandemic, are taking advantage of the current work-from-anywhere cultural shift zeitgeist.”

Iris Kavanagh

Liza Mash Levin

Liza Mash Levin is the co-founder and CEO of Gable. Our mission is to make it easy for companies to provide flex spaces to their employees everywhere and give them opportunities for in-person connections while retaining control of budgets, spending, and usage.

As a founder, CEO, and a mother of two girls, I see firsthand the revolution distributed work has brought to women in the workplace, and I’m here to help that movement and see more women thriving. At Gable, we’re a diverse, supportive team, and empowering employees to make the best of how they work and when they meet is at the core of our mission.”

gable ceo

Showcasing women leaders every day

Elevating, supporting, and empowering women is at the heart of what we do at Gable. We firmly believe in giving employees the choice to decide where they work and what is best for their life and needs – but still providing them with chances to build relationships and foster connections.

We root for, promote, and elevate women: our employees, customers, partners, and supporters, and we thank them for the incredible work, leadership, and passion they show us every day.

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