June 17, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Return to the Workplace: A free survey template

Return to  the Workplace: A free survey template

The unique events of 2020 had a deep impact on the workplace as we know it. As the topic of returning to the workplace emerges front and center, HR and business leaders need to make decisions about the future of their companies and work models.

One of the first challenges on that path is feeling the pulse of your employees. If you’ve been struggling with what to ask them and how to find out which work strategy they prefer, this article is made for you. We'll cover some basic topics you need to include in your survey, and if you scroll down, you can download our Return To Workplace Survey template, so read on!

The safety aspect of returning to the workplace

One of the basic topics to cover when taking your employees' pulse is how safe and comfortable they feel to go back to work in full capacity. Opening this chapter will reassure your workers that you want to listen. The answers can give you a clear overview of how to proceed with safety protocols, capacity limitations, and accommodating employees.

The work from home experience of your employees

Right after safety, you should ask questions about the work experience of your employees in the previous year. These should cover all aspects from productivity, burnout, and employee well-being while working from home to the level of support they received to perform their best while at home.

Assessing whether your team had a positive, negative, or an experience somewhere in between with work from home can provide insight into your remote work policy's strong and weak points. Based on this feedback, you can adjust your workplace strategy and ensure employees have the best support systems for remote, hybrid, and office-based work.

Productivity and wellbeing questions

This set of questions should be focused on how employees feel about working outside of the office now. The pandemic is certain to warp everyone's well-being perspective, so focusing on how remote work makes your team feel when they don't have to be at home all day is a critical feedback topic.

Comparing the differences between the experiences of the past year and current feelings can help you decide whether the return to the workplace will be fully office-based or adopt flexible work models.

Employee preferences for the future

A vital chapter of the Return to the Workplace Survey is feeling the pulse of employees regarding your plans. Make sure to ask them if they feel informed about the company's plans and their preferences in terms of the location and frequency of working from a physical space together.

Most employees have embraced all the benefits of remote work - time savings, reduced commute costs, not having to dress up for work - but some still want to meet with colleagues occasionally. The keyword here is occasionally, so don't forget to ask how many days per week would employees like to come to the workplace and where should that workplace be.

A free template of the Return to Workplace Survey

To make the feedback gathering process easier, we consulted with experts, clients, and partners and made this Return to the Workplace Survey template. You can adjust it to fit your company's needs and get employee feedback quickly and effectively.

Download the template for free and let us know how you used it!

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