September 13, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Meet Gable Hosts: Taylor Basham

Meet Gable Hosts: Taylor Basham

At Gable, our biggest goal is to foster teamwork and collaboration, and help employees do their best work. We do this not only through our amazing flexible workspaces, but by partnering with inspiring, ambitious, and forward-thinking teams and companies.

Today in Meet Gable Hosts, we’re talking to Taylor Basham, the Community Builder at Bond Collective in Washington, DC. We’re discussing his recent move to D.C., the motivation to join Gable, and the future of work.

Hey Taylor, glad to have you here! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello everyone, Taylor here! I’m a community builder at Bond Collective and I recently moved to Washington, D.C.! I crave the hustle-bustle of city life and am excited to share my passion for connectivity while the office landscape continues to evolve. Caffeine and Spotify playlists are my lifesavers while getting things done at work. If I’m not at work, you can most likely find me walking around town, enjoying a rooftop cocktail, or visiting my friends.

What made you sign up for Gable? What do you like about Gable?

Traditional platforms can be overwhelming when “shopping” for a place to work for the day. Gable provides boutique offerings that align with the type of environment I can thrive in. It made sense to host our location on Gable’s platform as our goal is to provide teams of any size with space for their work to take the center stage.

Bond Collective workspace DC

What do you like about remote work? What was your remote work experience in 2020?

Remote work provides balance to those with varying life experiences. The commute to work is pretty much abolished, providing individuals with the ability to spend more time at home with their loved ones, and can really enhance one's overall wellbeing. Remote work provides flexibility too. If you desire to have that office environment, commute, and routine, you can almost always find an option within a short distance.

Did you ever have a chance to see someone who was opposed to remote work realize it was actually working well for them?

Yes! My old roommate began her career remotely as we graduated at the beginning of the pandemic. She has the ability to work flexible hours and really create a schedule that works best for her and her team. She has grown to enjoy having her own space, making her own schedule, and feeling productive at the same time. If she needs to take a break she has her space in the comfort of her own home to refocus and continue completing her work on her own terms.

What is the best thing about the neighborhood your space is in?

You really get the best of both worlds at and around the H Street Corridor. You have the bustling city life on H Street but also the calm residential areas surrounding the neighborhood. No matter what type of vibe you are looking for, you have it here.

What are your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood?

Toki Underground has some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. I’m continuously eating there! I highly recommend the Black Sesame and Fried Chicken Tan Tan Mien.

What do you think people will enjoy the most about Bond Collective in D.C.?

We provide a luxurious experience and feel to our spaces with a multitude of varieties. Our plush interiors give you the ability to cater whatever environment works best for you to the space itself. Our common spaces have multiple furnishings to provide this. Feel free to cozy up on one of our plush leather sofas, have an impromptu coffee chat at one of our cafe style booths, or take a seat at the bar for a cocktail with a coworker. Each seating provides a different feel for whatever your needs and wants are for the day, hour, and even minute. Our additional amenities follow suit, providing a holistic offering and service to our communities.

How do you envision a typical workday in your space?

First things first, I’m grabbing coffee. I’ll get comfortable at one of our cafe-style booths and get to work. I’ll pop up to our rooftop terrace for a lunch break and then get comfortable in one of our impromptu meeting booths to round out the day.

We enjoyed our chat with Taylor so much and loved hearing his opinions on the new workplace. If you’d like to catch up with him, sign up for Gable, book a seat at Bond Collective in D.C. and enjoy a productive workday in this amazing flexible work space.

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