Meet Gable Hosts: Sarah Teveldal

In our first interview in the Meet Gable Hosts series, we're chatting with Sarah Teveldal from Austin, Texas. Find out what she thinks of remote work, hosting with Gable, and her favorite spots in Austin.

Gable helps remote workers find their work happy place, but we’re also dedicated to building a community of people supporting and embracing remote work. In building our platform, we want to talk to remote workers, remote-first companies, thought leaders, remote entrepreneurs, and, of course, Gable hosts.

In our first interview of the Meet Gable Hosts series, we’re talking to Sarah Teveldal. Her unique Gable workspace is located in Austin, Texas. We’re discussing Sarah’s unique profession, her vision of remote work, and why Austin is the place to be.

Hi Sarah, welcome to Meet Gable Hosts! Do you want to introduce yourself a bit?

I’m Sarah, I’m originally from South Dakota, and I’ve lived in Austin for 11 years now. I’m an underwater photographer, so I work mostly in pools, with swim schools and swim teams. I do maternity shoots, mermaid shoots, anything underwater.

I live in Cedar Park, and I love this neighborhood. A lot of Cedar Park is very new since Austin has grown exponentially since 2008. It proved to be recession-proof, so many people started moving here then, causing Austin to expand and grow.

What do you love about Austin and Texas in general?

Austin’s an extraordinary place. Before I moved here, I spent two years living and traveling abroad. I had never been to Texas, so my impression of it was like something out of a western movie. I was so surprised when I moved here, realizing it was so much more than that!

You can go hiking in the Greenbelt in the middle of the city, there are cliffs and lakes, and people are entrepreneurial and have healthy lifestyles. We have a very supportive environment for startups, which causes many businesses to move here.

The common thing I hear everyone say, and it’s entirely true, is that everyone here is so nice. Never had I experienced everyone being genuinely friendly, interested in your day, and welcoming. I can’t imagine living anywhere else!

What made you sign up for Gable, and what is it you like about Gable?

Many businesses are currently doing remote work here in Austin. However, there’s still a need for people to get out of their houses and have meetings in places that are not public and are curated for small groups.

I wanted to turn some of our extra space into a workspace for the creative industry. I’m very familiar with this industry in Austin, and that seemed like the perfect scenario. I like the idea of Gable, and I don’t think there’s anything like it here in Austin.

My house is a good fit because we can accommodate small and larger groups. There are many different spaces: our kitchen is great, with coffee and tea service, the patio is excellent for relaxing, and we even have a theatre room. I paid particular attention to decorating the space and making it appealing.

The two of us also work from home, and each has our own office space. I feel fortunate to live in a big house, so sharing it with other creatives makes me feel good about the space. Also, I see joining Gable as an opportunity for us to support the local community.

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Your work is very unique and cool! We’re guessing you weren’t an office worker before 2020. What’s your take on remote work, and how did you see it in 2020?

Personally, it didn’t change my routine at all because I work either from home or on sight. However, from what we saw in 2020, the culture of remote work improved people’s lives.

One of the rare downsides of living in Austin is the traffic, which was an absolute nightmare pre-pandemic. We don’t have the horrible rush-hour now, so I don’t have to calculate when I’ll go run an errand. The impact on the environment is enormous, and people can spend that extra hour with their friends and families.

The quality of life improvement is very measurable, and many companies have seen an increase in productivity. Most companies will likely continue to operate remotely after the pandemic is over. The need to have offices will probably exist, but I’m curious to see how they will adapt. Creating a better, healthier lifestyle for people will be crucial in the future, both in not spending hours on the road and coming to the office less.

Look at all the software coming out of this situation and supporting the remote lifestyle - Zoom and other platforms have improved remote work. I’m sure many more good things will come out of the pandemic and change the world forever.

Your space is in Cedar Park. Do you have some favorite small businesses in the neighborhood?

We’re foodies, so our favorite restaurant here is Rock & Rolls Sushi. It’s very close to our home, we love the atmosphere, and the food and drinks are always great. The owner is a young entrepreneur, so we’re happy to support him.

We work out at F45 Cedar Park, which is a small little gym close to us. Finally, we have the Alamo Drafthouse nearby, which is a theatre. They do foodservice and have live events where they talk over movies, do skits, comedy shows, etc. They reopened just recently, and we love them.

How do you envision a typical workday in your space?

Ideally, our space will be used as a meeting space for groups, or even better, a particular company. I would like to know that a company regularly uses our space for team meetings and get-togethers. With all this space available, I think groups will benefit more from it than individuals.

I see teams relaxing in our space, sitting on the couch, or going outside to the beautiful patio and brainstorming. Our counters are large and designed for work. Plus, the theatre room upstairs is lovely for presentations or just having a break and watching a movie. I want people to feel comfortable and make the best of their workday here.

It's inspiring to be around people who do great things. I love networking and meeting new and exciting people, so I think I’ll meet many of them through Gable.

Final question: Why do you think Cedar Park and your space are the places to be?

I'll answer this one visually and let you judge for yourselves!


We enjoyed talking to Sarah and getting to know her more. You can catch up with Sarah by signing up for Gable and booking her beautiful workspace!

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Andrea Rajic

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