March 11, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Meet Gable Hosts: Ben Seidl

Gable is a network of inspiring neighborhood workspaces, but it’s also a community of remote workers, advocates, and enthusiasts all working towards a common goal: making remote work better.

Today in Meet Gable Hosts, we’re talking to Ben Seidl, the host behind Neyborly workspaces. We’re discussing his background, the state of remote work, and his motivation to join Gable.

Hi, Ben, welcome to our second interview of the series! Can you tell us a bit about yourself so we can get to know you better?

Hi Gable team! I’m Ben, and I’m an entrepreneur with an MBA from UC Berkeley. For the last five years, my journey and obsession has been building ecosystems for creators in our local neighborhoods and main streets.

The way I’m doing this is by finding utility in vacant commercial real estate spaces and transforming them into resources for community residents and remote workers. Our spaces are meant for artists, entrepreneurs, and creators to meet, socialize, and grow their businesses in their local neighborhoods.

I have no background in commercial real estate - I was just intrigued by the possibility of redesigning our cities and making them more walkable, more liveable, and more accessible. One way to contribute to that is by taking these spaces that have fallen out of favor and recycling them into something that provides a lot of value for the city.

Wow, that’s quite a mission! How did you decide to sign up for Gable, and what is it you like about Gable?

I signed up for Gable because I wanted to promote our spaces and make them as visible as possible. Gable offers an excellent way to attract remote workers and increase our visibility. Also, Gable’s practice of partnering with remote-first companies is really exciting, and I think that’s going to be the future of remote work. It just made sense for us to partner with Gable and introduce our spaces to the Gable network.

And you have more than one space, right? What’s your favorite in terms of the neighborhood where it’s located?

That’s a good question and a hard one, but if I had to choose, I would say my favorite neighborhood is the Historic Waterfront District in San Francisco. It’s probably my favorite because it’s very peaceful and there are many natural elements around it. There’s the Bay, the Embarcadero, parks, a lot of sunshine, and fresh air. It feels like an urban oasis where you get fantastic scenery, like the Bay area, combined with great office amenities and transportation.

As you know, Gable loves small businesses and strives to support them. Can you tell us what’s your favorite small business in the Waterfront District?

Absolutely! I like RJ’s Market & Deli, on Sansome Street. They had to adapt throughout the Covid-19 crisis but never closed their doors and kept serving good, fresh food to their neighborhood. They are a truly local-based business that I love.

Here’s the final question: what do you think people will enjoy most about your spaces?

I genuinely think people will enjoy working from our spaces because everything is designed from the ground up to be turnkey, accessible, and easy to use. We have a team of designers who makes sure everything you need for a successful workday is there. Our approach is professional, proactive, and deliberate, and I’m convinced every guest will see and feel that.

We enjoyed talking to Ben and getting to know him more. You can catch up with Ben by signing up for Gable and booking one of his beautiful workspaces - do it today!

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