Manage company get-togethers in a breeze with Gable Events

Your marketing team wants to organize a brainstorming session in New York, and Sales needs a conference room for 3 days in Seattle. The board meeting is coming up in Boston, and you’re also planning a company offsite in San Antonio. Sound familiar?

People Ops and Workplace teams are constantly juggling requests from employees to get together, collaborate, and connect. And you want to help them succeed, but managing events for distributed teams is no small feat and often requires superhuman organizational abilities.

Well, not anymore. We’re excited to announce Gable Events, an easy, seamless way to organize and manage team events for employees everywhere, with no long-winded planning or tedious manual work.

Team events made easy

Reduce the process of looking for a venue, asking for quotes, making reservations, and sending information to your team to a few minutes.

With thousands of spaces available to choose from worldwide, finding the perfect space is truly a breeze, and with Gable Events, it takes you (or your team!) just a few clicks to set up an event and send out the invitations without ever leaving Gable.

Create an event directly from Gable

You can create events on Gable in two ways: before booking a space or right after. In either case, start by finding the space you think is perfect for getting together with your team.

To create an event before you book, head over to the space of your choice and click on the balloon icon at the bottom of the page. Fill in all the essential details – the event name, description, and type – and boom! You've officially created an event Time for a celebration!

Or, if you prefer to book the space first, just click the “Create Event” button on the booking confirmation page and take it from there.

Company Events on Gable

Invite teammates to join

Hand-pick your teammates or add the entire department to your event and get them ready for a great time. When you extend the invitation, they’ll automatically receive an email invite with RSVP details, so no need to send manual invites.

Invite to join event

Edit your event easily and see who’s coming

Need to make a change to your event? Don’t worry! You can still make tweaks like changing the event time, name, or type. And best of all – informing attendees of any updates you make is just an email away!

Edit Event.gif

How to get started with Gable Events

Gable Events are available to both Company Admins and Company Users. This means People Ops and Workplace teams can let users organize events by themselves whenever they need to.

Gable Events complement the full range of spaces and options available on Gable, so teams everywhere can meet, connect, and build relationships seamlessly while People Ops and Workplace teams enjoy insights and data on their workplace instead of a mountain of admin work.

Switch to a faster, smoother, zero-hassle way of managing team events. Schedule a demo with Gable >>>

Your questions answered

How do I book a Gable event?

Booking an event on Gable is incredibly easy, and you can do it either before or right after you book a space. For more details and a tutorial, see our Event Support Article.

Can I book an event on behalf of my team?

Yes, you can! Just like any other space booking on Gable, events can be booked on behalf of someone else as well.

Can someone at Gable help me book an event?

If you’re an enterprise client of Gable, you have access to our Premium Customer Support, as well as our Concierge Service. Our team is happy to help with event walkthroughs, help you set up an event, and anything else you may need.

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