July 27, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Introducing On-Demand Packs and Subscriptions

Introducing On-Demand Packs and Subscriptions

The workplace is growing increasingly more flexible, and offices need to follow suit and accommodate worker’s needs and schedules. People don’t just want to work from flexible spaces - they also want to use them differently.

This is why we launched On-Demand packs and Subscriptions - to enable you to use Gable spaces just the way you want.

On-Demand packs: Fixed price, flexible locations

With Gable’s On-Demand packs, you can buy 5, 10, or 20 Day Passes in bulk, and save up to 25% compared to individual bookings!

For one fixed price, you get access to all our locations and priority booking status - and you can redeem the passes within a year from purchase.

The On-Demand packs are perfect if you want to make sure you always book a space when you need it, and save money along the way. The price of On-Demand packs starts at $115, and you can purchase yours on our pricing page.

Gable on-demand packs

Monthly subscriptions: One payment, unlimited access

With Gable’s monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to all Gable locations, access to our premium locations, priority booking in all spaces, and exclusive perks from our partners - all for one payment of $299 per month.

The monthly subscription is ideal for those of you who use flexible spaces frequently, especially in multiple locations and want to make sure there is a space waiting for you wherever you go. You can buy your Gable subscription by checking out our pricing page.

gable subscription

How to get started with Gable

  1. If you don’t already have a Gable account - sign up
  2. Explore our pricing options and see what works best for you
  3. Book your first Gable space
  4. Enjoy your new office - you deserve it.
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