January 11, 2022 by Andrea Rajic

How to provide different workspace options to employees

How to provide different workspace options to employees

It’s no longer news that more and more employees are demanding flexibility from their employers. Cutting down commute times, spending more time with loved ones, and increasing productivity are among the main reasons employees value flexible work so much that they’d be willing to switch jobs for it.

On the other hand, for 40% of HR and People Operations professionals, managing the hybrid workplace is the #1 priority, and with good reason - designing hybrid work the right way helps companies increase employee engagement, retain employees, attract the best talent, raise productivity levels, streamline workplace processes, and provide work-life balance to employees.

To help employers solve this challenge and ensure their workforce has access to workspaces that fit their needs, we wrote a guide that will be particularly helpful to People Operations and HR departments. Here’s a summary of the guide, and if you like it, you can download the full guide below!

The new role of the office

As the old 9-5 office work model slowly goes out of the mainstream, many are asking the question of whether we still need offices and physical spaces to work from. We wholeheartedly believe that most employees still benefit from having a dedicated workspace, and the office as a place where we work will need to evolve, both in terms of design and its purpose.

Different workspaces for different needs

Based on their department, job title, and daily tasks, the needs of your employees when it comes to workspaces will vary. As the employer, you need to ensure everyone is covered with a workspace that provides them to do their best work, whether they need meeting rooms, workstations, or dedicated office spaces.

Why providing various workspace options is essential for People Operations and HR

Providing different workspace options to employees benefits remote, hybrid, and distributed companies alike. People and Workplace teams are at the forefront of implementing this change to the workplace - and it doesn’t come without benefits for their functions.

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