Community Favorites: Top 10 Gable flex spaces for distributed teams

Finding and choosing the perfect workspace for distributed teams can be exhausting. Is the location good? What about the amenities? Are there phone booths?

At Gable, we specialize in getting the best workspaces anywhere right to the fingertips of distributed teams. So whether you’re looking for a day of heads-down, focused work or a stunning place to bring your team to meet up and collaborate, I think we’ve got you covered.

In this list of top 10 coworking spaces, you’ll find the favorites of the Gable community, from inspiring hot spots to sunny rooftops. What all these spaces have in common is an array of amenities, attention to detail, and exceptional service that keeps remote and hybrid teams coming back for more.

Let’s dive into the list 👇


Luminary is hands down one of the most iconic and loved coworking spaces in NYC, and it’s not a surprise: they have a perfect location, breathtaking interior design, and a variety of workspace areas. And if that wasn’t enough, they also boast a 4,000 square feet rooftop lounge overlooking the Empire State Building if you want to snag a good view to start your day.

Amenities at Luminary include phone booths, bottomless coffee and tea, wine on tap, meditation and lactation rooms, a fitness studio, a beauty bar, locker room, showers, and so much more.

We enjoy working with Luminary’s founder & CEO, Cate Luzio, who is an inspiring leader focusing on advancing and connecting women across all industries, ages, and backgrounds.

Grab your seat at The Luminary on Gable, and enjoy your piece of work heaven!


Canopy is a network of shared workspaces providing distributed workers in the Bay Area with an elevated, luxurious work experience. They have three locations in San Francisco, and one recently opened in Menlo Park, and they all share a common thread of great design, premium-grade amenities, and attention to detail.

From what we’ve seen at Gable, the champion of Canopy spaces is their Jackson Square location in San Francisco, which boasts amenities such as Herman Miller chairs, an abundance of natural light, a superb kitchen stocked with bottomless coffee, and an outdoor seating space.

We’ve been working with Canopy’s amazing Senior Community Manager, Marie Owens, since the early days of Gable and love seeing how much our customers love Canopy.

Want to see why remote workers love Canopy Jackson Square? Book a seat and see for yourself!


While Galvanize has several locations in cities like Boulder, Phoenix, and San Francisco, their Denver location is particularly loved by remote teams on Gable. Galvanize Denver is home to many of the city’s startups, enterprises, and investors, which means it provides a sense of community often aspired to be found in a shared workspace.

On top of that, the space features everything you need for a great workday, from an on-campus restaurant to amenities that include complimentary coffee and tea, whiteboards, phone call areas, and a lovely outdoor seating area to get some fresh air after those Zoom calls.

Michael Harris, Membership Sales Manager at Galvanize, is a partner we truly enjoy working with, and we’re not surprised to see many Gable customers booking their beautiful spaces.

Get settled in Denver’s coolest workspace – snag your seat on Gable today!

Bond Collective

Bond Collective is one of the nation’s favorite flexible workspace operators, with 13 locations across the U.S., all of which offer boutique work environments, an unmatched experience, and a superb level of service.

Our insight at Gable shows that hybrid teams love the Bond Collective Chicago locations the most, and again, no shockers here: the spaces in Fulton Market and West Loop are oases of elegance and luxury, providing all members and visitors with immaculate furnishings and an atmosphere of serenity and productivity.

Shlomo Silber, Bond Collective’s CEO & Co-Founder, is dedicated to building spaces for togetherness and is driven by hospitality. When you see his focus and tenacity, you’ll understand why remote workers love their spaces so much.

Head to Bond Collective Fulton market & make the best out of flexible work


Although Werqwise has a fantastic location in San Francisco, their space in San Mateo, CA, is hard to beat. This rooftop lounge is truly a dream workspace, letting you choose from a variety of seating options so you can decide if you want to enjoy the sun or relax in the shade.

Their amenities include high-speed internet, a fully stocked kitchen, an espresso bar and beer on tap, private phone booths, and staff that is always ready to assist and make you feel welcome.

Stephen Aye, Werqwise’s Account Executive, is an awesome friend of ours, and we always enjoy seeing the excitement of Gable customers for booking Werqwise!

Head to Gable to book a seat on San Mateo’s most beautiful rooftop!


With 40+ locations across the world, including San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington DC, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, and more, Mindspace has won the love of Gable customers for their U.S. spaces. As a true showstopper among coworking spaces, all Mindspace locations offer vibrant interior designs, comfortable work areas, a fantastic coffee selection, and premium amenities.

For remote teams on Gable, the favorite is their San Francisco location, with amenities that include a kitchen and pantry with a plethora of refreshments, bike parking, and phone booths, on top of a beautiful space that makes work feel cozy and inviting. They truly know how to provide environments that make Gable customers excited about coming to work.

Shai Fogel, who is the General Manager of the US market at Mindspace, has a superb understanding of how coworking spaces have transformed to welcome the workforce of the future, and we’re proud to be partnering with him and Mindspace to provide the best experience to Gable customers.

Book a workday at Mindspace San Francisco and soak in the incredible space and atmosphere.

The Yard

Another one of NYC’s flex workspace essentials is The Yard, a network of flex spaces that bring together a sense of professionalism and wellbeing, serious work and community, design and character.

Their Gowanus location in NYC is well-known with distributed teams who use Gable, as the space offers ample common areas, sun-drenched offices, exposed brick, and an amazing inner courtyard. And if you were wondering – yes, there is complimentary coffee.

The Yard’s Director of Operations, Adrian Simpson, works around the clock to bring a sense of community and extend the warmest welcome to remote workers who choose The Yard. If we’re judging by how much Gable customers love their locations – he’s doing a pretty good job.

Looking for an ideal workspace in Gowanus? Book The Yard on Gable today!

The Farm

If you really want to change your scenery and teleport from the hustle and bustle of NYC to a natural environment that resembles the farmlands of the midwest, The Farm is the perfect place for you.

The Farm SoHo combines that unique atmosphere with all the amenities you need for a perfect workday, like phone booths, coffee and tea, and a stocked kitchen, so you never have to compromise between focus and atmosphere.

Arzu Askin, The Farm Soho’s VP of Sales & Operations, strives to meet the needs of partners and remote workers in the best possible way. The results are spaces where Gable customers feel productive, connected, and inspired.

Fall in love with work again – book a seat at The Farm SoHo!

The Malin

Without a doubt, The Malin is one of the most beautiful and elegant workspaces I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder their tagline is “Work Beautifully” – the interior design is immaculate, tastefully decorated, and entirely distraction-free.

Remote employees love The Malin’s Soho location, and they book it for solo workdays as well as team gatherings, and I get it – who wouldn’t want to enjoy a barista kitchen, window-lined library, phone booths, and beautiful communal seating?

The Malin’s Director of Operations, Jordan Gallagher, manages to connect the aesthetics of The Malin with an impeccable level of service that keeps remote workers on Gable coming back and raving about these beautiful spaces.

Reserve your spot at The Malin, and take work to a whole new level

Blender Workspace

Blender brings a dash of elegance and sophistication to your work environment with a beautifully designed, flexible, hospitality-driven workspace. They’re right on Madison Avenue, so you’ll enjoy an incredible location combined with a quiet and focused space.

Distributed teams on Gable often choose Blender’s most flexible option, The Cafe. With this hot desk option, you’ll receive complimentary Kobrick’s coffee, tea, and infused water, as well as access to privacy booths, overall providing a truly upgraded work experience.

The Executive Director at Blender Workspace, Michael Bernardi, oversees the ins and outs of Blender’s hospitality, premium service, and dedication to an excellent experience. We’re happy to work with Michael and Blender and are always excited to see Gable customers thriving in their spaces.

See why remote workers love Blender so much – reserve your spot at The Cafe!

In a remote world, the workplace is where we connect

Long gone are the days when an office is just a place where we do work at a desk. Nowadays, when remote employees head into a workspace, they do it because they want to elevate their experience. The spaces where the magic happens have to stand out, whether you’re there for a change of scenery or a collaborative team session.

The Gable community has recognized these 10 spaces as some of their favorite places for focus, connection, collaboration, and exceptional work environments. There are plenty more who offer unique, tailored experiences for the teams of today – both in the U.S. and around the globe.

If you want to browse all workspaces Gable has to offer, dive into our Explore page and find your perfect place.

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