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Best Coworking Spaces in Minneapolis

 Best Coworking Spaces in Minneapolis

The perfect place for those who like cities where history mixed with what modern cities has to offer, Minneapolis is equally appealing to college grads, big families, and professionals. There’s no shortage of activities, places to go, and yes - spaces to work from.

Here are our favorite coworking spaces and meeting rooms in Minneapolis:


FINNOVATION Lab is a well-equipped coworking space on the fourth floor of the FINNEGANS House building in downtown Minneapolis. It’s a bright, modern, and spacious coworking space just above Finnegans brewery.

The amenities include fast and reliable internet, phone booths, printer, whiteboards, stocked kitchen space with coffee and tea, and outdoor seating space. You can book FINNOVATION Lab by heading to Gable.

Finnovation Lab Coworking Minneapolis

2. FINNOVATION Lab Meeting Room

If you like the look and feel of FINNOVATION Lab as your daily office, it’s good to know you can also book a meeting room in the same space through Gable.

If you need to host a team meeting, presentation, or brainstorming session, this is the perfect location. You’ll have access to the same amenities as the day pass users, plus the comfort and privacy of a dedicated meeting space.

Finnovation Lab Minneapolis meeting room

3. Fueled Collective Downtown Minneapolis

Fueled Collective was founded in 2009 and has been the home of professionals looking for great workspaces ever since. Their expansive space in the historic downtown gives you a variety of work areas to choose from.

Amenities include reliable internet, standing desks, ergonomic workstations, whiteboards, and complimentary coffee and tea. Book your productive workday at Fueled Collective on Gable.

Fueled Collective Downtown Minneapolis

4. Fueled Collective Northeast Minneapolis

If you’re in Northeast Minneapolis, consider stopping by Fueled Collective’s charming location there. Tucked into a vibrant neighborhood with great restaurants and bars nearby, this easily accessible coworking space ticks all the boxes for a productive workday.

Amenities at Fueled Collective include ample seating areas, a stocked kitchen space, quiet meeting, and phone call areas, bottomless coffee and tea, and a pet-friendly workspace. If you’re on the lookout for a place to call your office a few times a week, look no further - book Fueled Collective on Gable.

Fueled Collective Northeast Minneapolis

These are our favorite coworking spaces and meeting rooms in Minneapolis. If you’re looking for workspace options in other cities, we’ve got you covered in NYC, San Francisco, Boulder, Las Vegas, and many others across the US.

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