October 14, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas

Best Coworking Spaces in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is truly a magical, unique city. The Nevada gem is all about entertainment, nightlife, hotels, dining, and shopping - but it also boasts some pretty impressive coworking spaces and shared office spaces.

The Las Vegas coworking scene has something to offer for professionals of every industry, whether it’s gaming, hospitality, entertainment, tech, or any other. Take a dive into our current favorites and book your favorite on the spot:

Work In Progress Coworking, Summerlin

If you’re a startup founder, an entrepreneur, or just a professional looking for a place to call your office, Work In Progress might just be the place for you. Located in downtown Las Vegas, this collaborative workspace is comfy, bright, and filled with natural light.

The amenities include super-fast WiFi, private phone booths, and unlimited coffee, tea, and purified water. Work In Progress Coworking also hosts inspiring and engaging community events every now and then, so you’ll get a chance to mingle and network with like-minded professionals.

You can book Work In Progress Coworking in 2 easy steps:

  1. Go to Gable and reserve your seat.
  2. Bring your laptop and headphones with you.


work in progress coworking las vegas

Work In Progress Coworking, Centennial Hills

In your search for the best Las Vegas coworking space, you’ll find another amazing and convenient Work In Progress - this time in Centennial Hills. This workspace is located inside the Grand Montecito Tower, just behind Kohls.

The Centennial Hills location offers the same amenities as the Summerlin one, including a fully stocked kitchen (with a vending machine!), bottomless coffee and tea, and phone booths for those endless Zoom calls 👀

If Work In Progress Centennial Hills is just around your neighborhood - book it on Gable and drop by!

work in progress coworking

SPACE Coworking

SPACE is surely one of the most elegant and well-designed coworking spaces in Las Vegas. This workspace was designed to enable collaboration, learning, and teamwork, and that’s exactly what it does.

With a variety of work areas, amazing furniture, and a calendar of community events this is the perfect spot for companies and individuals looking for their go-to place. Amenities include encrypted high-speed internet, phone booths, a tech and help desk, free snacks and water, drinks on tap, and micro-brew coffee.

A bonus tip to seal the deal: SPACE is dog-friendly 😉 If you (and your four-legged best friend) want to try out SPACE, chose your date and book a seat on Gable.

SPACE cowork Las Vegas

SPACE Coworking Meeting Room

Here’s a bonus workspace: a meeting room inside the SPACE Cowork Las Vegas.

If you loved the design, concept, and amenities of the shared areas in this amazing workspace, you’ll love this meeting room even more. The Boardroom is designed in a modern-industrial style and can seat 11 people comfortably.

You’ll find 3 screens at your disposal, as well as one big screen you can connect your devices to. All the amenities we listed above, including the drinks and coffee, are available for the conference room users too.

Want to host a team meeting or brainstorming session in this gorgeous meeting room? Book your day on Gable.

SPACE coworking meeting room

These are our favorite coworking spaces and meeting rooms in Las Vegas. Want to see our other locations? Explore all of them below 👇

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