February 22, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

A Look Forward for Workspaces

The modern world saw unprecedented levels of disruption in 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, both in personal and professional spheres. We saw huge shifts not only in markets and lifestyles but also in workspaces. With the shift to remote work happening immediately and aggressively, most people were taken aback by the realities of working out of the office.

The new workplace at home was enjoyable for some, who could cozy up to their computer in their pajamas with their coffee and go about their workdays in peace. For others, the lack of space, privacy, and quiet made work from home a challenge, and the lack of human contact made it lonely and isolating.

The big tech landscape was divided on the current situation: Apple's Tim Cook was impressed with what teams were able to achieve from home, while Netflix's Reed Hastings deemed remote work unacceptable.

For us, at Gable, 2020 was a turbo boost for an idea that had been brewing in our minds for quite some time—what if we could create a network of clean, safe, inspiring neighborhood workspaces that professionals could use to do their best work. The answer is Gable, a workspace-as-a-service platform, that makes available neighborhood workspaces that work for remote professionals, and ultimately the companies they work for, whenever they need them to connect and do their best work.

If you are one of these remote workers, here is what Gable can offer you:

A dedicated workspace close to your home

Gable offers a comfortable work environment with the amenities and networking potential you desire, all within your neighborhood. With Gable, you can get away from the confines and distractions of your home, without having to spend hours commuting every day. Working close to home is advantageous in so many ways — you can clock some fresh air and extra steps by walking to work and use the time you save on commuting for yourself and your loved ones. More time close to home means more time spent in your neighborhood, promoting your local economy. And given current conditions, there’s never been a better time to support your community and local businesses. It’s a win-win, right?

A way to connect with coworkers or other professionals

Gable is a great place to connect with other professionals to expand your networking sphere and maintain that sense of camaraderie minutes from your home. Simply sitting in a workspace with others and having face-to-face interactions around the water cooler can help prevent the loneliness and isolation that can impact remote workers. Hopefully, once the pandemic is over, we can go back to meeting strangers and expanding our networks safely — you might make a new professional connection or even a new friend in the Gable space you choose. And if you have a team that needs to get together from time to time, you can use Gable to find a safe, inspiring place to organize your workgroups and brainstorming sessions.

A beautiful workspace for everyone’s taste

Gable locations are diverse in styles and settings, but they are all designed with your productivity and comfort in mind. We have a location for all interior decorating tastes: mid-century modern, contemporary, traditional, and everything in between.

No distractions due to a limited number of people in every Gable location

While you may love working with others, you can rest assured the Gable spaces are not trying to replicate corporate headquarters. All Gable locations have limited occupancy, all Gable professionals have gone through background checks, to provide you with a safe, local workspace where you can be productive. The atmosphere at Gable locations is a cozy, intimate one — you can work in peace and quiet, with a feeling that the space you have chosen is truly yours.

A safe environment with pandemic measures in place

Since the pandemic doesn’t show signs of leaving us for good, Gable takes measures to emphasize the health and safety of all its users. Masks are required in all our locations, with rigorous cleaning and disinfection protocols in place. The number of people who can book a space has also been reduced, based on the size of the space, to ensure social distancing can be maintained, and all professionals can feel safe and comfortable.

When considering the future of work, we agree that traditional offices are past their peak, but we also know that working from home is ideal for everyone all the time. Gable enables you to find that middle ground — giving remote professionals the ideal workspace at their doorsteps.

We want to make remote work about working where you love, not where you have to.

If you want to join the Gable community, we would love to have you as a guest. You can start by browsing our amazing locations. And yeah, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn — we love to discuss all things remote!

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Andrea Rajic

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