June 15, 2021 by Andrea Rajic

A day in: Downtown Los Angeles

Our A Day In series highlights the amazing neighborhoods of Gable workspaces, and the small businesses that make these communities vibrant, unique, and loved.

Downtown Los Angeles is the central city neighborhood and the business center of LA, with diverse residential neighborhoods and small businesses. It is divided into districts, some of which are named after activities that are or were concentrated in them, like Civic Center, Arts District, Fashion District, etc.

There’s a myriad of things to see, discover, and explore in Downtown Los Angeles, and we made a shortlist of the coolest places and small businesses to visit when in the neighborhood.

Let’s dive into the best ways to spend a day in Downtown LA:

Start your day at G&B Coffee

Located in the beautiful Grand Central Market, the G&B Coffee stand is the best way to start your morning. Founded by two US Barista Champions, G&B is an equally good place to grab a classic espresso or cold brew and experiment with their specialty drinks.

The ideal location of this coffee shop enables you to grab breakfast close by and stroll around the open-air market while you’re there.

G and B coffee LA

Grab breakfast at Eggslut

Eggslut was founded in 2011 and inspired by a love and appetite for eggs. Now, ten years later, it’s a gourmet food concept with international locations and a devoted crowd of patrons. Even though you can eat at Eggslut at any time of the day, if you’re at the Grand Central Market during the morning, don’t miss the chance for a truly fabulous breakfast.


Work from a Creative Studio on Mission Road

Only fueled with good coffee and even better breakfast you can start the workday productively. The amazing Gable space on Mission Road is perfect for both a focused work session and a team gathering - it’s spacious, bright, airy, and wonderfully designed with mid-century modern touches.

Plus, it’s a walking distance from all other downtown LA places you may want to visit during the day.

flexible office la

Take a walk around Grand Park

The 12-acre Grand Park in downtown LA is the place to go when you’re craving some relaxation, an afternoon stroll, or even a picnic. With its recognizable pink furniture you can move around, plenty of yoga sessions happening in the park, and all sorts of events and programs, Angelenos love the versatility, beauty, and peacefulness of the Grand Park.

grand park los angeles

Go for dinner at La Cha Cha Cha

Located on a dreamy rooftop in the Los Angeles Arts District, La Cha Cha Cha offers amazing Mexican food, a selection of cocktails, and an atmosphere that is both casual and elegant, chic and relaxed.

Try anything from tostadas to tacos, from meat platters to desserts, and you won’t regret it. The restaurant accepts both reservations and walk-ins, so if you’re close by, don’t miss it.

dinner place la

Visit The Last Bookstore

One of the coolest small businesses in downtown LA is definitely The Last Bookstore. They are, of course, not the last, but they are California’s biggest new and used bookstore. This breathtaking venue has 5 art studios, a comic book store, a record store, a yard shop, and a gated annex with collectible items.

The inspiring space of The Last Bookstore is designed to draw you into the funky, charming, unexpected world of books. If you’re not an avid reader by now, you’ll become one after you visit!

work space la

Try the ice cream at Midori Matcha

It’s not hard finding a good ice cream shop in Los Angeles, but the matcha ice cream at Midori Matcha is a whole different story. This cool cafe in Little Tokyo in downtown LA is famous for its matcha tea but their ice cream has been getting an audience too.

It’s 100% organic, soft, delicious, and a perfect refreshment on a hot, sunny day.


Grab a drink at Arts District Brewing Company

At the Arts District Brewing Company, the atmosphere and outdoor seating area make for a fun evening gathering of every kind. Here you can get great cocktails and a good wine selection, but we recommend trying one of their 30 craft beers in the offering along with some food that pairs well.

You can wait for one of their happy hours or just stop by whenever you’re in the area - you’ll have a great time either way!

There's a full day of enjoying downtown Los Angeles! Whether you're coming to LA for the first time, or just want to explore the city you’re living in, working in a Gable space is a great way to start.

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