15 Beautiful Meeting Spaces for Getting Your Team Together

Meeting with your team in beautiful locations across the globe is one of the best things about working in a global, distributed team. But sometimes it’s hard to find a meeting space that reflects your team’s goals, fulfills the purpose of getting together, and makes your meetup memorable.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 15 stunning meeting spaces all across the world. From the hustle and bustle of NYC and the eclecticism of London to the elegance of Sydney and the coolness of Warsaw, these venues offer a wide range of options to fit your team’s unique needs.

San Francisco: Canopy Financial District

The first thing that comes to mind when we see this conference room is serenity, and that’s no accident. The entire CANOPY location in the Financial District in San Francisco looks like a page from a design magazine, making it perfect for teams who like to meet up in style.

This six-person conference room features a state-of-the-art A/V system, a wireless smart TV display, and a whiteboard wall. On top of that, you’ll get to sip on complimentary coffee during your meeting, sitting in a comfy Herman Miller chair… was that the sound of you making a reservation?

Canopy FiDi meeting room

Denver: Candy Factory Coworking

For those of you looking for a more industrial backdrop for your next brainstorming session, Candy Factory Coworking made a meeting room to fit your taste. With a reclaimed wood table and exposed brick, it’s a perfect atmosphere for all sorts of gatherings.

Amenities include a Chromecast/HDMI capable television, high-speed WiFi, coffee and tea, snacks, filtered water, a whiteboard, and dry-erase markers – last time we checked, that’s more than enough for a productive get-together.

Candy Factory Coworking meeting room

Chicago: Bond Collective West Loop

And now, a dash of elegance and luxury. We can see board meetings, client presentations, quarterly meetings, and strategy calls taking place in this 12-people room at Bond Collective. The long table ensures everyone has plenty of room, the chairs are comfy, and the decor gives a sense of comfort, privacy, and warmth.

The meeting room is equipped with a wide range of amenities, from a VoIP phone and projector screen to a whiteboard, so you have everything you need and more.

Bond Collective Chicago meeting room

Amsterdam: Tribes Amsterdam Raamplein

The Lugu meeting room at Tribes Amsterdam gets its name from the lake Lugu, also called the “Mother Lake” by the Mosuo people living in China’s Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.

The Mosuo tribe inspired the design of the entire Tribes location in Amsterdam, and this 14-people meeting room is no exception. The earth tones mix perfectly with red accents, and the room is spacious and bright yet inviting and cozy.

If you’re planning a team meetup in Amsterdam, don’t miss giving this unique space a try.

Tribes Amsterdam meeting room

Warsaw: Mindspace

One of Warsaw’s most eclectic work corners is surely Mindspace, and apart from an impressive coworking area, they have meeting rooms at their disposal, too. And in their M12 meeting space, you’ll feel the focus is entirely on your team and getting you collaborating together.

The space is modern, airy, and well-lit, and even though it’s surrounded by glass doors, there’s enough privacy for you to get right down to your meeting undisturbed. A TV screen with casting capabilities will make sure you fly through the agenda while you enjoy this modern, fresh-looking space.

Mindspace Warsaw meeting room

London: The Loft

A city like London has no shortage of creative, unique meeting spaces, but sometimes you’re looking for a place where you can focus, engage your team in deep conversations, and enjoy a high-end, luxury experience.

That’s exactly what you’ll find at The Loft’s Rafters meeting room. The rooftop windows work together with the unique geometry of the space to provide a nested and beautifully bright space perfect for deep focus and lively team chats.

The Loft London meeting room

Sydney: The Executive Centre - Angel Place

This cool meeting space at Sydney’s Executive Centre - Angel Place can best be described as bright and timeless or, in their own words, classic in nature but progressively inclined. Everything in this meeting room is upscale, from furnishings to finishing touches and decor.

Apart from natural light and a plethora of space, you’ll have two big screens for that team deck, an HDMI cord, and a VoIP phone, as well as a whiteboard if you get creative. We think your next team meetup in Sydney is already sorted out, right?

Sydney The Executive Centre meeting room

Paris: La Canopée

When in Paris, opt for a classic. This cozy meeting room at La Canopée reflects the spirit of this beautiful city perfectly: it’s toned down, with simple lines, tasteful decor, plants scattered around, and plenty of natural light.

It can sit up to 8 people comfortably, and there’s both a TV screen and a whiteboard for your team to use, though we’re sure you’ll wander off at least once looking at the chic streets of Paris’ 17th district.

La Canopee Paris meeting room

Dublin: Viridis Offices

If you choose to hold a team meetup in Dublin’s Viridis Offices, choosing this cool boardroom is the best recommendation we can give. The entire Viridis Offices space is uniquely designed to be luxurious, clean, and toned down, but with pops of color and playfulness scattered across the spaces.

The boardroom is no exception - it’s sleek and modern, with colorful accents on the wall giving it an atmosphere perfect for a team chat. On top of that, it boasts a big glass wall overlooking the street, which is always a plus when you’re in Dublin 😉

Dublin Viridis offices meeting room

Lausanne: Gotham Lausanne Flon

Right in Lausanne, Switzerland, is one of the coolest, most memorable workspaces you’ll set foot into. Gotham Lausanne Flon not only has colorful, bold design choices – it also boasts a ball pool where you can hang out. Talk about de-stressing, right?

And when your team needs to feel like superheroes, simply choose their Batman meeting room. This funky room is bathed in white tones and natural light, contrasted with fluorescent-colored chairs that instantly lift up your spirits and get you in the mood to do impossible things!

Gotham Lausanne Flon meeting room

Tel Aviv: Comfortech Spaces

Getting 10 people together for a hybrid meeting, workshop, or just a good old brainstorming session is just what this lecture room in Tel Aviv’s Comfortech Spaces is about.

The interesting dynamic of the square table does wonders to influence collaboration, discussion, and participation from your entire team, and their setup of camera projectors, speakers, and microphones will ensure smooth sailing on the tech setup front.

Comfortech Spaces Tel Aviv meeting room

NYC: The Malin

The Howard Room at The Malin is where mid-century meets modernity, and elegance merges with comfort. This showstopper meeting room is impeccably decorated, well-lit, comfortable, and enriched with wooden furnishings.

The centerpiece of the room is the natural stone tabletop with built-in power outlets, and it showcases just how well this elegant meeting space is aligned with your tech needs. On top of that, there’s soundproofing, fully integrated AV, and screen-sharing capability. Now, who wouldn’t want to host a meeting in a space like this?

The Malin NYC meeting room

Miami: Ampersand Studios

The C2 Meeting Room in Ampersand Studios in Miami is, like this entire space, a testament to how powerful colors can be in deciding how we feel in a space. The earth tones play incredibly well with natural light and greenery in this meeting space, making it feel natural, comfortable, and pleasantly elegant.

The 70-inch screen and whiteboard only complement this well-designed setup and make it ideal for a range of gatherings, from interviews and presentations to brainstorming meetups and team discussions.

Ampersand Studios Miami meeting room

Los Angeles: CENTRL Office

The M1 Boardroom at CENTRL Office is the ideal backdrop for business success. The dark tones of the room are accentuated with a spacious wooden table, making it (and what’s going on around it) the focus of the room – and your meeting.

In this space, there are no distractions: your team can dive deep into the agenda, ensure maximum productivity, and set goals for success, all while enjoying a luxurious and well-designed space.

CENTRL Office LA meeting room

Singapore: C Suites - Paya Lebar Quarter

When you take a first look at this beautiful meeting room at Singapore’s C Suites, you’ll immediately be drawn to the space. It’s inviting, warm, and bright, but there’s something else: the colors and textures come together to create a space that feels natural and comfortable.

When you combine this mastery of interior design with premium amenities like a high-def 4K screen, wired and wireless conference systems, a whiteboard, and complimentary coffee, the result is a dream meeting space your team will want to go back to.

Singapore- C Suites meeting room

There’s no such thing as “just a meeting space”

Bringing a global team together for a successful meeting can make all the difference in helping coworkers connect, work better together, and establish relationships based on trust.

Choosing the right venue to get together is not just about finding a place to sit down – it’s about providing an inspiring setting, a functional workspace, and a space where connections can flourish.

So don't be afraid to get creative, think outside the box, and find a location that will help your team collaborate, connect, and achieve their goals. A great place to start is to browse Gable – our worldwide network of meeting spaces and coworking spaces has something for everyone!

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